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W ear­ing jeans a size or two too small can cause ab­dom­i­nal dis­com­fort, heart­burn and belch­ing a few hours af­ter eat­ing, cinched belts can com­press the nerve that runs from the ab­domen to the outer thigh, re­port re­searchers in an archives of In­ter­nal Medicine.

There's more. Tight shirt col­lars and neck­ties can re­duce cir­cu­la­tion to the brain and in­crease in­traoc­u­lar pres­sure (pres­sure within the eye), a risk fac­tor for glau­coma. Bike shorts lower sperm count, badly-fit­ted bras cause back strain, high heels higher than two inches shorten the Achilles ten­don, and flip-flops cause sore calf mus­cles and al­ter gait, po­ten­tially lead­ing to longterm an­kle and hip prob­lems. The so­lu­tion: Chose com­fort over style, ev­ery time.

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