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ight­ing to a house is what breath­ing is to a body. It fills 'life' into a void. There­fore, it is of­ten a mat­ter of vi­tal im­por­tance to cre­ate the best lighting con­cepts for our homes. Gone are the days when we merely fol­low our in­stincts when it comes to home lighting and dec­o­ra­tions. To­day, ev­ery ob­ject in our homes has a me­thod­i­cal thought and rel­e­vant pres­ence be­hind it. To em­pha­size all such ob­jects or pieces of art, the right kind of lighting so­lu­tions have to be in­stalled. Lighting has a unique func­tion­al­ity de­pend­ing on the kind of ob­ject or space that it has to re­flect. Some spa­ces need to be en­hanced brightly, while oth­ers need to be sub­tly re­flected. Some ob­jects need to be em­pha­sized while oth­ers re­quire a de­sign el­e­ment. Thus ev­ery space, cor­ner and room in our house re­quires a dif­fer­ent treat­ment of re­flec­tion. Light adds di­men­sion and tex­ture to a room, mak­ing a room look larger or smaller, softer or more dra­matic, cozy or for­mal. There­fore, merely se­lect­ing the kind of lighting so­lu­tion for your room or ob­jects is not enough. You need to en­sure that the tech­nique in which the light is sit­u­ated, used and re­flected op­ti­mizes its func­tion­al­ity. The im­por­tance of kitchen lighting is so of­ten over­looked. With the kitchen be­ing one of the most fre­quented rooms in all homes, good kitchen lighting is im­por­tant to its over­all de­sign and feel­ing. The mod­ern kitchen is of­ten much more than just a work area, it is pri­mar­ily a place of com­fort and needs to be very func­tional. It can be a quiet area where you can re­lax by your­self, a space where two peo­ple ca­su­ally talk and get to know one an­other, or it can be an en­trance that is used to sup­port ac­tiv­i­ties in an ad­ja­cent space. In­di­rect lighting and di­rect lighting in con­junc­tion can max­i­mize the mood in your kitchen. The most dra­matic look you can achieve in a kitchen is to mix in­di­rect lighting with di­rect lighting. In­di­rect lighting is cre­ated by hid­ing the light source from view. The light pro­duced by the hid­den fix­ture bounces[ re­flected] off a ceil­ing or a wall and pro­duces a warm glow that adds enor­mous amounts of at­mos­phere if done just right. The light fix­tures can be hid­den on top or un­der wall cab­i­nets or they can be in­stalled in open troughs or lay­ered ceil­ing ar­eas that sur­round the en­tire kitchen space. Di­rect lighting is achieved by us­ing con­ven­tional re­cessed lights, sur­face lights or light fix­tures that are on a pen­dant or chain. The kitchen be­ing pri­mar­ily a busy work area, lighting there needs to be com­fort­able and func­tional. Lighting in the draw­ers, cab­i­nets, plinth area or coun­ter­top should add to both task and ac­cent. Per­fect lighting over din­ner tables should pro­vide you with ad­e­quate lighting for home- work, hob­bies, busi­ness, din­ing or en­ter­tain­ing. When the sink is equipped with the ad­e­quate lighting, it helps you in see that the dishes are washed and the pots and pans are clean with lit­tle ef­fort. Un­der cab­i­net lighting is ideal for coun­ter­tops. The us­age of the right in­con­spic­u­ous lighting so­lu­tions by Häfele will high­light your cab­i­netry, while adding a warm, com­fort­able at­mos­phere to your kitchen. Häfele's range of in­tel­li­gent lighting so­lu­tion not only il­lu­mi­nates a par­tic­u­lar area, but it is also used to en­hance the visual and aes­thetic ap­peal of the place. This range of Led lights, Cold Cath­ode Lights, Cath­ode Lights are in­no­va­tive, saves en­ergy and would not get hot­ter than 40 de­grees. Hafele's range of in­no­va­tive and func­tional lighting so­lu­tion is stylish, el­e­gant and gives a dis­tinc­tive char­ac­ter to the place. Hafele's Am­bi­ent Lighting prod­uct's shelf life is much higher as com­pared to or­di­nary lights. All of the lights in the Häfele range are mod­ules that are ready to plug in and easy to in­stall. They com­ply with all Euro­pean safety stan­dards. What's more is that you can cus­tom­ize the fa­cil­i­ties to best meet your needs. Pro­vid­ing func­tion­al­ity, high qual­ity and con­ve­nience to you is a prom­ise the com­pany has al­ways lived by.

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