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What ac­cord­ing to you are the three big­gest/most im­por­tant changes hap­pen­ing in the world of tech­nol­ogy?

Evo­lu­tion of Smart sen­sors/ Ar­ti­fi­cial In­tel­li­gence in­spired by neu­ro­science/ D print­ing How do you think these changes will im­pact In­dian re­tail?

Re­tail be­ing so dy­namic and tech­nol­ogy con­sum­ing in­dus­try touch­ing ev­ery­one in-per­son ir­re­spec­tive of pro­fes­sion, knowl­edge, age, and gen­der. Di­ver­si­fied cus­tomer’s de­mands, shop­ping habits and real time feed­back and sug­ges­tions evolv­ing and in­flu­enc­ing busi­ness ev­ery minute. A part from spe­cialised prod­ucts and ser­vice of­fer­ing re­tail­ers are un­der con­stant pres­sure to de­liver wow ex­pe­ri­ence and value added ser­vice us­ing augmented realty , IOT’S , gam­i­fi­ca­tion and smart an­a­lyt­ics to con­nect & en­gage them con­tin­u­ously . Adap­ta­tion or non-adap­ta­tion of new age tech­nol­ogy will cer­tainly go­ing to im­pact ev­ery busi­ness pos­i­tively if cho­sen or neg­a­tively if opted out now. What are the 3 game chang­ing tech­nolo­gies in the space of cus­tomer ex­pe­ri­ence?

Augmented re­al­ity, Self-as­sisted Kiosk and check­outs Chat and Voice bots What are the top pri­or­i­ties for you in the com­ing years you as CIO of the com­pany/ brand?

I am work­ing on build­ing one eco sys­tem for 360 de­gree cus­tomer view, rec­og­niz­ing their needs pre­cisely on time com­ple­mented by rel­e­vant in stock prod­ucts. In cur­rent dig­i­tal age world cus­tomers are bom­barded by same set of prod­ucts which ei­ther they have bought or al­ready out of stocks. This is just adding doubts on the tech­nol­ogy ca­pa­bil­i­ties if not used with com­mon sense. I am ex­tend­ing post shop­ping prod­uct rat­ing and re­view sys­tem for in-store shop­pers to gen­er­ate ad­di­tional con­tents and con­ver­sa­tions to reach out ev­ery cus­tomers ir­re­spec­tive of shop­ping chan­nel they are con­nect­ing that too or­gan­i­cally.

De­vel­op­ing Bots to as­sist cus­tomer dig­i­tally in se­lect­ing prod­ucts regime In-store and On­line. Cre­at­ing new age se­cure in­fra­struc­ture to pro­tect from ex­ter­nal threats and in­ter­nal data leak­age. Top 3 chal­lenges re­tail­ers will face from a Tech­nol­ogy point of view in In­dia?

Slow rate of tech­nol­ogy adap­ta­tion within em­ploy­ees

Man­age­ment, gov­er­nance and con­trol on mul­ti­ple ap­pli­ca­tion en­vi­ron­ments and integration. Exponential data growth, high ve­loc­ity of change man­age­ment and data se­cu­rity and pri­vacy pro­tec­tion. How is IOT shap­ing up the in­dus­try? Tell us about the role and sig­nif­i­cance of IOT in your com­pany?

IOT adap­ta­tion varies from com­pany to com­pany. For beauty and cos­met­ics Re­tail do­main it would help in recog­nis­ing cus­tomer sen­ti­ments through cam­era sen­sors, analysing in-store traf­fic and con­vert­ing them as shop­pers in real time. IOT can help out in build­ing Vir­tual as­sist to “try on” makeup look be­fore ac­tu­ally buy­ing the fi­nal prod­ucts. We surely work­ing on that. What would suc­cess look like for you in a cou­ple of years in terms of the com­pany and tech­nol­ogy?

Suc­cess of Brand com­ple­mented with tech­nol­ogy would be worth if we will be able to make cus­tomer sat­is­fied & happy whether it’s about keep­ing rel­e­vant in­ven­tory what he /she is look­ing for or Om­nichan­nel any­where any­time shop­ping pref­er­ence or quick res­o­lu­tion of the com­plaints and queries raised by him/her. Tech­nol­ogy should be able to cap­ture and track ev­ery move­ment and con­ver­sa­tion, rec­og­niz­ing bot­tle­necks in cus­tomer jour­ney and proac­tively or re­ac­tively elim­i­nat­ing the hur­dles timely and con­sciously. This would cer­tainly make cus­tomer brand loyal and ex­tremely happy. Only irate cus­tomers can be brand loyal if their con­cerns and re­quire­ments ad­dressed prop­erly and quickly. Your top 3 favourite re­tail tech­nolo­gies, which you would like to in­tro­duce in In­dia?

Im­age recog­ni­tion and self-as­sisted check­outs

Vir­tual shop­ping through Augmented Re­al­ity.

AI as­sisted real time prod­uct rec­om­men­da­tion for In-store shop­pers with­out any dig­i­tal di­vide. It should not be lim­ited to on­line buy­ers.

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