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The pro­duc­tion business is too frag­mented and mar­gins get squeezed

Costs have in­creased, par­tic­u­larly tal­ent and ba­sic in­put cost, but over­all bud­get has re­mained nearly the same over the last decade

Though pro­duc­tion houses see them­selves as cre­ative pro­duc­ers, by con­tract def­i­ni­tion they are line pro­duc­ers or con­trac­tors

Con­tracts signed with broad­cast­ers are wa­ter­tight, and leave no scope for roy­alty or IP dis­cus­sion, even if the show is a hit

Broad­cast­ers ven­tur­ing into fic­tion pro­duc­tion also im­pact mar­gins of pro­duc­tion houses

No pro­duc­tion house has a brand legacy, with the ex­cep­tion of Balaji

A show must be on air for at least six months for a pro­duc­tion house to re­cover the ini­tial in­vest­ments, else they suf­fer losses

Ac­cess to fund­ing is an is­sue, along with lack of tal­ent and in­fra­struc­ture

Con­stant threat of tech­ni­cian Union strikes

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