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On tech­no­log­i­cal dis­rup­tions & mar­ket­ing: Tech­nol­ogy is al­low­ing us mar­keters to cre­ate per­son­al­ized re­la­tion­ships at scale. This was not pos­si­ble ear­lier. Ear­lier it would have been mass mar­ket­ing, and com­pa­nies have done it over so many decades now. To­day tech­nol­ogy is al­low­ing us to marry per­son­al­iza­tion with large num­bers. And there­fore from a me­dia plan­ning per­spec­tive, the en­tire dis­cus­sion has now moved from me­dia met­rics to out­come met­rics. Which is, what are my brand and busi­ness ethics and how are they pro­gress­ing as a re­sult of the mar­ket­ing in­ter­ven­tions that are be­ing done?

On too many heads on the mar­keter’s side: The first thing which does not change, whether 10 years ago or now, is that the mar­keter needs to be clos­est to the con­sumer. So, the con­sumer un­der­stand­ing of the mar­keter, which is out­ward fac­ing, needs to be very high. The se­cond thing is to have a very clear sense of what each per­son on the ta­ble is bring­ing in, for tech­nol­ogy, an in­ter­nal big data per­son, etc. and join the dots. And the third thing is in­flu­ence so that the team works seam­lessly in terms of cre­at­ing a sin­gle brief for the agency. So the mar­keter is lit­er­ally the per­son who joins the dots in the or­ga­ni­za­tion.

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