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1) What is Axis Mu­tual Fund’s cur­rent mar­ket share in In­dia?

a) 2.5% b) 3.5% c) 4.5% d) 5.5%

2) In which year did Publi­cis Me­dia Group re-or­ga­nize its struc­ture to back global brands by global prac­tices?

a) 2012 b) 2013 c) 2016 d) 2018

3) Who is the Se­nior Vice Pres­i­dent of Mar­ket­ing for Life­style?

a) Srini­vas Rao b) Uma Talreja c) Asha Karga d) An­shul Pun­hani

4) Which lan­guage is FYI TV18’s con­tent cur­rently not avail­able in?

a) Hindi b) Tamil c) Tel­ugu d) Ben­gali

5) Which me­dia agency bagged max­i­mum awards for its work with Voda­fone In­dia at the 2018 Emvies awards?

a) Lodestar UM b) Mind­share c) Ini­tia­tive d) Wave­maker

6) The cam­paign #KEEPITSINGLE is as­so­ci­ated with which of the fol­low­ing brands?

a) In­dusInd b) Tin­der c) Bhaarat Mat­ri­mony d) ICICI Bank

7) Iden­tify this per­son

a) Hari Kr­ish­nan b) Ankur Su­man c) Su­raja Kishore d) Anil Ra­machan­dran

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