Anand Mahin­dra Calls For E-Ve­hi­cle Sops

India Business Journal - - FACE TO FACE -

The gov­ern­ment needs to in­cen­tivise buy­ing elec­tric ve­hi­cles (e-ve­hi­cles) in or­der to bring down the cost and thus push their sales in the coun­try, ac­cord­ing to lead­ing in­dus­tri­al­ist Anand Mahin­dra. The Mahin­dra Group Chair­man points out that there is still re­luc­tance on the part of con­sumers to go for elec­tric cars as a result of very high battery cost.

"In or­der to cre­ate the push, the gov­ern­ment, there­fore, does need to cre­ate in­cen­tives, whether they come through the Cen­tral or the State gov­ern­ments, to pro­vide a lower sticker price for cars," adds Mr Mahin­dra. He fur­ther adds: "The in­cen­tives could be by low­er­ing taxes of other kinds, but you do need some in­cen­tive to lower the up­front price. This can be tran­si­tioned down be­cause battery prices are also com­ing down dra­mat­i­cally."

Mahin­dra Group Chair­man Anand Mahin­dra

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