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In­dia and the United King­dom have jointly de­vel­oped the Ad­vanced Hawk, a dual-role air­craft with both trainer and com­bat ca­pa­bil­ity. De­buted dur­ing the Aero In­dia 2017 Air­show at Ye­la­hanka, Ban­ga­lore Fe­bru­ary this year, the Ad­vanced Hawk has been in the works for two years un­der a unique model with HAL and BAE pool­ing re­sources to de­velop a faster, more ag­ile Hawk that can also carry smart weapons. The air­craft, which two pro­to­types of which have been as­sem­bled at HAL Ban­ga­lore, has sev­eral new fea­tures in­clud­ing a new wing de­sign by HAL that gives the plane more agility, ex­tra power and the abil­ity to carry a range of con­ven­tional and pre­ci­sion weapons for an op­er­a­tional role. The new wing de­sign for ex­am­ple would give the air­craft 25 per cent bet­ter turn rate and 17 per cent bet­ter rate of climb. It would have air­borne sim­u­la­tion tech­nol­ogy to train pi­lots for com­bat op­er­a­tions. Its ad­vanced cock­pit will be able to sim­u­late any mod­ern fighter – from Su-30 to Rafale. In com­bat role it would be able to carry a range of mod­ern mis­siles, bombs and rock­ets, such as the lat­est laser guided bombs, ASRAAM and side-winder mis­siles and, Brimstone etc – a to­tal of 3,000 kg weapon load across seven sta­tions.

BAE, the orig­i­nal air­craft man­u­fac­turer, and HAL be­lieve that the Ad­vanced Hawk will be in de­mand with sev­eral air forces that are ac­quir­ing ad­vanced fighter jets. There may be a re­quire­ment of over such 300 train­ers world­wide that will be tar­geted with the new prod­uct. The Hawk has been a suc­cess story in In­dia with 123 air­craft flying with the In­dian Air Force (IAF) and the In­dian Navy. may in­clude set­ting up joint ven­tures and other col­lab­o­ra­tive ar­range­ments.

The UK and In­dia will en­cour­age in­ter­ac­tions be­tween the In­dian Army De­sign Bu­reau and De­fence Equip­ment and Sup­port ( DE& S)/ Army Ca­pa­bil­ity Branch through their De­fence Equip­ment Sub-Group. The UK and In­dia will ex­plore es­tab­lish­ing a se­cure com­mu­ni­ca­tions method in or­der to share clas­si­fied material. The two coun­tries will also con­sider up­grad­ing their bi­lat­eral Gen­eral Se­cu­rity Ar­range­ment.

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