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ANKARA, TURKEY. Siko­rsky, a Lock­heed Martin com­pany, has trans­ferred to de­fence elec­tron­ics firm Asel­san an S-70i Black Hawk he­li­copter for use as the pro­to­type air­craft for the Turk­ish Util­ity He­li­copter Pro­gramme (TUHP). The air­craft will en­able Siko­rsky to in­te­grate an Asel­san-de­vel­oped avion­ics suite into the Repub­lic of Turkey’s new T70 util­ity he­li­copter, and later into Turk­ish-built Siko­rsky S-70i Black Hawk air­craft to be sold in­ter­na­tion­ally.

Called the In­te­grated Mod­u­lar Avion­ics Sys­tem (IMAS), the new avion­ics suite is a col­lab­o­ra­tive de­sign by Asel­san, Siko­rsky, Turk­ish Aero­space In­dus­tries (TAI) and pi­lots serv­ing the Turk­ish Armed Forces to meet the re­quire­ments of Turk­ish T70 op­er­a­tors and other po­ten­tial cus­tomers. TAI leads a team of Turk­ish aero­space com­pa­nies that will build at least 109 he­li­copters with the T70 des­ig­na­tion for the Turk­ish Util­ity He­li­copter Pro­gramme. The IMAS suite is ex­pected in time for ini­tial de­liv­er­ies of T70 air­craft to Turk­ish end users in 2021.

“De­liv­ery of this S-70i pro­to­type ful­fills a ma­jor mile­stone for the Turk­ish Util­ity He­li­copter Pro­gramme, and sig­nals our con­tin­ued close col­lab­o­ra­tion with Asel­san and the other aero­space com­pa­nies led by TAI,” said Siko­rsky Pres­i­dent Dan Schultz. ASEL­SAN and Siko­rsky are co-de­vel­op­ing the IMAS suite to pro­vide Turk­ish pi­lots with pow­er­ful smart dis­plays, point-and­click func­tion­al­ity to speed in­put of pilot com­mands, and er­gonomic en­hance­ments to the Pilot Ve­hi­cle In­ter­face that will re­duce pilot work­load. Nav­i­ga­tional im­prove­ments tai­lored to Turk­ish re­quire­ments will in­clude an in­te­grated Ter­rain Avoid­ance Warn­ing Sys­tem, an in­te­grated ad­vanced dig­i­tal map, and cou­pled flight con­trol func­tions for guided ap­proaches to land­ing zones. The TUHP pro­gramme is val­ued at ap­prox­i­mately $3.5 bil­lion for 109 T70 air­craft, in­clu­sive of the work to be per­formed by Siko­rsky, TAI and other sup­pli­ers.

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