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Carlsberg’s renowned lab­o­ra­tory was re­spon­si­ble for ground­break­ing sci­en­tific dis­cov­er­ies that one wouldn’t ex­pect were nat­u­rally con­ceived in the brew­ing in­dus­try:

PURE YEAST: Sac­cha­romyces Carls­ber­gen­sis, was de­vel­oped by Dr. Emil Hansen to cre­ate a con­sis­tent and safe brew. Rather than patent the yeast Jacobsen openly shared the yeast to im­prove the qual­ity of beer glob­ally.

PH SCALE: The ph scale, a stan­dard mea­sure­ment of acid­ity, was de­vel­oped by Dr. Søren Sørensen in 1909, dur­ing his pi­o­neer­ing re­search into pro­teins, amino acids and en­zymes–the ba­sis of to­day’s pro­tein chem­istry.

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