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This church is ‘bony’ like no other. The Bone Church in Sedlec, a UNESCO World Her­itage site, is em­bel­lished with bones of 40,000 dead hu­mans - skulls hang like buntings from the arches, the chan­de­lier has ev­ery bone from a hu­man body, cor­ners are the clut­tered with mounds of bones and in al­coves stand chal­ices with skulls sewn like se­quins. Trust me, you’d for­get your prayers here. The Bone Church in Sedlec (near Kutna Hora) is one of the most vis­ited tourist at­trac­tions in the Czech Repub­lic; www.sedle­cos­

The Coat of Arms of the Sch­warzen­berg fam­ily (one of the rich­est) repli­cated with hundreds of hu­man bones

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