Glow Worm

Long work­ing hours and a hec­tic life­style can take a toll on your looks. Three pro­fes­sion­als talk about what keeps their glow in­tact, while an ex­pert ex­plains the right beauty regime.


It’s late at night and you haven’t been get­ting much sleep lately. You are ir­ri­ta­ble and feel like shout­ing at the top of your voice. The stress lev­els have caused a surge in the cor­ti­sol hor­mone lead­ing to a crav­ing for sug­ary and high calo­rie foods. You rum­mage through your re­frig­er­a­tor for last night’s choco­late cake and top it off with sauce and nuts. Then the guilt sets in and you de­spise your­self for gorg­ing so late at night on fat­ten­ing food. When you no­tice that you’re up a tick or two on the scale the next day, it stresses you out even more. The cy­cle con­tin­ues the next night when you stare at the ceil­ing stress­ing about all sorts of things, from your weight gain to your un­fin­ished chores, im­por­tant dead­lines and a bad mood that re­sulted in a fight with your bet­ter half. It’s time to step off the crazy train and take a breather.

Hec­tic life­styles, long hours at work, er­ratic rou­tines and lack of ad­e­quate rest will take a toll on ev­ery­one, mak­ing skin woes, hair loss and sleep­less nights a life­style reg­u­lar­ity. Not only does it erode our mind and body, but it causes us to age pream­turely. Un­for­tu­nately of all things that stress af­fects, it’s the skin that bears the max­i­mum brunt. This month three pro­fes­sion­als She­fali Agar­wal, CEO Easy­fix; Rad­hika Chanana, Jew­ellery De­signer and Reema Sarin, Founder, Bol­ly­fit share their beauty regimes with us while an ex­pert Sveta Bha­tia, Revlon gives in­puts on how they can bet­ter their regime to get that per­fect peaches

and cream com­plex­ion.


What na­ture be­stows, life erodes. Your gene pool might keep you safe for a few years, de­spite you tak­ing your­self for granted. But even­tu­ally you will pay the price of lazi­ness. In or­der to get the glow­ing skin of a god­dess, one has to work hard to­wards main­tain­ing what they have and then bet­ter it. Take Reema Sarin for in­stance. The 42-year-old model and dancer says that she works hard on

her skin,“be­ing a model and a dancer, I need to main­tain a good com­plex­ion al­ways,” she says. Stay­ing away from the sun and a no chem­i­cals pol­icy is what works for her. Stay­ing away from the sun is an ef­fec­tive trick as sun rays are very harm­ful for the skin. If you must brace the heat of the sun, it is ad­vis­able to take nec­es­sary pre­cau­tions when step­ping out. Sun block or a sun­screen with SPF 25 should be ap­plied at least 20 min­utes be­fore step­ping out. “Sun block should be ap­plied ev­ery two hours,” says Revlon skin-ex­pert Sveta Bha­tia. “Con­stant ex­po­sure to ul­tra vi­o­let ( UV) rays of the sun can be harm­ful in the long run. UV rays slower down the cell re­newal process mak­ing the skin look dull and lus­ter­less,” she adds.


As you age, it takes more en­ergy to main­tain your body, to keep it healthy, pain­less and flex­i­ble. In ad­di­tion wrin­kles, sag­ging skin and age spots are an ex­tra “side ef­fect” of the age­ing process, all adding to a grad­ual change of ap­pear­ance. Bha­tia says, “As we age, the cell re­gen­er­a­tion process be­comes slower. Col­la­gen which gives firm­ness and elas­tic­ity to our skin re­duces, lead­ing to fine lines and wrin­kles.” Acute stress neg­a­tively im­pacts our health and con­trib­utes to the pro­duc­tion of se­bum in the body which in turn makes the skin pale, sub­dued and slug­gish. Clean­ing, Ton­ing and Mois­tur­iz­ing ( CTM) is es­sen­tial for blood cir­cu­la­tion and cell re­gen­er­a­tion. She­fali Agar­wal re­li­giously fol­lows the CTM rou­tine. “I buy prod­ucts that are high in water con­tent, as they help my skin breathe,” she says. Bha­tia says, “Avoid go­ing to bed with make up on as the im­pu­ri­ties will seep deep into the skin mak­ing it dull and prone to acne.” The de­sire to re­tain a younger look and feel isn’t re­stricted to older peo­ple. Young women find the phys­i­cal signs of ag­ing ob­jec­tion­able, and an in­creas­ing num­ber of

con­sumers are mak­ing changes in their life­styles to ac­com­mo­date treat­ments.” While we do not en­dorse botox or any spe­cial kind of surgery, we do sug­gest you in­vest in the ba­sic regime of wash­ing and mosi­tur­is­ing be­fore you go to bed. If you are in your mid 20s opt for any­thing but a ba­sic cold cream. As you grow older, you can ex­per­i­ment with prod­ucts that min­imise the signs of age­ing, even then, it is im­por­tant to fo­cus on the ones with nat­u­ral ingredients and are prefer­ably water based says Bha­tia. What works for Sarin is an eye-cream. “I have a dark eye prob­lem there­fore I ap­ply un­der eye cream to min­imise dark cir­cles.” The ear­lier you start the bet­ter it is. Ac­cord­ing to Bha­tia, “Women should start us­ing anti-ag­ing serums and creams as soon as they turn 25.”


You are what you eat and a healthy life­style is the key in­gre­di­ent to happy skin. Keep­ing this in mind Rad­hika Chanana says, “I have a cup of green tea ev­ery morn­ing as it helps me to detox­ify.” Green tea is the most po­tent an­tiox­i­dant drink avail­able to­day says Bha­tia. Her­bal

teas and food which is rich in pro­tein; vi­ta­min and min­er­als should be con­sumed reg­u­larly for a healthy glow. She­fali Agar­wal says, “I make it a point to not skip any of my meals and con­sume a lot of green veg­eta­bles and fruits as they are a good source of nu­tri­ents.” Em­pha­sise on small meals and in­clude fresh juices and co­conut water in your diet. “The key is to eat in mod- er­a­tion. Mix and match the in­take of food prod­ucts,” says Bha­tia. Chanana stresses on a diet which com­prises veg­eta­bles and fruits in lib­eral amounts. Add six to eight hours of sleep to your beauty regime to pre­vent dark cir­cles, puffy eyes and mood swings. Spas and mas­sages are also a great way to un­wind your­self and avoid men­tal anx­i­ety and ten­sion gen­er­ated from mount­ing work pres­sure. Pam­per­ing your­self with a mas­sage or a visit to a hot spring is es­sen­tial for re­lax­ation of the body and the mind. Reema Sarin says,“i go in for a lot of fa­cial mas­sages which use fruit and her­bal based creams which re­ally make the skin glow and look fresh.” Mas­sages can re­lieve pain and stiff­ness and re­duce ten­sion while hav­ing a re­lax­ing ef­fect. Fa­cials lead to blood cir­cu­la­tion and an in­crease in oxy­gen lev­els too. “Whether it’s re­lax­ing in a hot spring or get­ting a mas­sage or spend­ing time in a sauna, these mas­sages make the stress lev­els drop sig­nif­i­cantly,” says Bha­tia. Round off your beauty regime with some yoga. “Yoga helps es­tab­lish con­nect be­tween the mind and the body and its re­sult is glow­ing peace for all to see,” she says. Agar­wal vouches for it when she says, “I do a 30 minute regime to kick start my day and not only has it made me calmer, but it has also made me vis­i­bly glow and happy.”

Even though ideals of beauty are a con­stantly chang­ing prod­uct of cul­ture, re­li­gion, vis­ual ap­peal, mar­ket­ing and so­cial mores. True, eter­nal beauty comes from within— an op­ti­mistic view of life brings in hap­pi­ness and an in­ner sat­is­fac­tion leads to a great life. So re­mem­ber to re­main happy, con­tended, stress-free and pos­i­tive in life and you’ll re­alise that your skin, eyes and body­will au­to­mat­i­cally ra­di­ate beauty. “Cre­ate self-aware­ness by find­ing your pas­sions and nur­tur­ing them pos­i­tively to cre­ate self-sat­is­fac­tion,” says Bha­tia. Take out time to find your unique gifts and de­velop them to cre­ate self-sat­is­fac­tion and a pos­i­tive self-im­age. A pos­i­tive out­look will make your life richer and more mean­ing­ful.



Blush Fac­tor

40 Be­fore I sleep, I wash my face with a gen­tle cleanser and ap­ply a night cream and a serum.

VIKRAM Sharma/­di­a­to­day­im­



Blush Fac­tor

41 I avoid bleaches and other chem­i­cals on my face and use an ayurvedic face wash in­stead.

VIKRAM Sharma/­di­a­to­day­im­



Blush Fac­tor

31 I put banana pulp with honey and curd for lus­trous and shiny hair.

VIKRAM Sharma/­di­a­to­day­im­




Blush Fac­tor I al­ways take white tea which is rich in an­tiox­i­dants and has no flavour.

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