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A quan­ti­ta­tive sur­vey us­ing a struc­tured ques­tion­naire was ad­min­is­tered ran­domly to 5,639 men and women from SEC A and B house­holds, in the age group 18- 60 via tele­phone and face- to- face in­ter­views in 28 state cap­i­tals. Six­teen names of prospec­tive can­di­dates ( put to­gether by the IN­DIA TO­DAY ed­i­to­rial team) were shared with the re­spon­dents and they were asked to rank the can­di­dates from 1 to 16.

Each of the 16 can­di­dates was given a rank some­where be­tween 1 and 16 by all re­spon­dents. For each of the 16 can­di­dates, we to­talled the num­ber of votes he or she got in each of the 16 ranks. These were then weighted for each can­di­date, with rank 1 get­ting the high­est weigh­tage of 16, rank 2 get­ting 15, rank 3 get­ting 14 and so on to rank 16 get­ting the low­est weigh­tage of 1. The num­ber of votes in each rank was mul­ti­plied by its re­spec­tive weight. All of them were then added for each of the 16 can­di­dates and then di­vided by the to­tal num­ber of re­spon­dents, 5,639. Such a method re­flects the en­tire pref­er­ence list of re­spon­dents and not sim­ply their first choice. The field­work was con­ducted be­tween April 26 and May 6.

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