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Angom Rita blew the lid off many cases of child ab­duc­tion The first in­ci­dent of a child sol­dier came to light in 2008 when Angom Rita, a 34- year- old widow from Lourem­bam lo­cal­ity in Im­phal, went to the po­lice to re­port the ab­duc­tion of her only son, Angom Langamba, then 10. Langamba and his friend Yengkhom Naobi were lured away by two men a kilome­tre away from their home. They were taken to the Prepak train­ing camp where they found four other boys of their age. Rita’s bold step of ap­proach­ing the po­lice blew the lid off sev­eral other cases of child ab­duc­tion. Prepak ar­ranged a press con­fer­ence and de­clared that the chil­dren had come of their own free will. Rita’s son was re­leased.“We were or­dered at gun­point to tell jour­nal­ists that we had joined Prepak on our own,” says Langamba, now 14.

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