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Ni­nad Gid­wani’s home- cum- work­shop and dog shel­ter is a place, like its owner, of many in­ter­ests. The en­gi­neer turned ce­ramic artist care­fully de­signs, moulds, bakes and paints his wide col­lec­tion of pots in this old bun­ga­low tucked away in a cor­ner of the Camp area.

Flower vases, tea lights ( de­signed to use just a few drops of oil), wa­ter foun­tains and his lat­est in­no­va­tion, ce­ramic cook ware fight for space in this lit­tle, tin- roofed store. Gid­wani’s prod­ucts are de­signed keep­ing in mind ‘ the sci­ence of ce­ram­ics.’ So, the ce­ramic ware is made us­ing eco- friendly ma­te­ri­als. Also avail­able is a wooden lum­bar sup­port chair that is spe­cially de­signed to ease pres­sure on the back if you have to work long hours.

Adding to the nat­u­ral flavour are the pans that are coated with nat­u­ral min­er­als baked at 1,300° C.

Gid­wani’s prod­ucts and meth­ods are non- pol­lut­ing; he even uses heat from the chim­ney to heat an over­head wa­ter tank.

The big­gest joy of shop­ping here how­ever, is the sight of the pot­ters’ wheel and bak­ing kilns which give you a glimpse into the cre­ativ­ity that goes into the mak­ing of ev­ery lit­tle plate.

From tea lights that cost Rs 50 on­wards to pots that go up to Rs 1000, Ni­nad’s pot­tery has some­thing for ev­ery shop­per. He’s in­tro­duced din­ner sets in vi­brant hues; there are non- boil­ing aroma oil dif­fusers that prom­ise more ef­fi­ciency of the oils and vases in dif­fer­ent styles, shapes and colours. Stick­ing to his motto of “sit, eat and live sci­en­tif­i­cally”, Gid­wani’s prod­ucts fol- low strict sci­en­tific prin­ci­ples.

So, if the cook­ing pots are flame- safe and re­lease small quan­ti­ties of nat­u­ral min­er­als like zinc and mag­ne­sium into the food, the diyas fol­low the prin­ci­pals of buoy­ancy and float on wa­ter.

His lat­est range in­cludes oil lamps that can burn for 12 hours with just a ta­ble­spoon of oil and pretty, ce­ramic tea light hold- ers and eco- friendly arte­facts. The foun­tains and arte­facts like Bud­dha faces and large ce­ramic planters are per­fect for the out­doors and have found their way into sev­eral homes and re­sorts across Pune.

WHERE Bun­ga­low 12 A, Stavley road, Camp

COSTTealights starts at Rs 50 and pots go up to Rs 1,000

TEL 9225526324; ni­nadspot­tery. com

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