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Wan­ton sheets 20, egg yolk 3, canned cher­ries 200 gm, cherry syrup 200 ml, su­gar 50 gm, corn­flour 10 gm, cin­na­mon sticks 2gm, cin­na­mon pow­der one pinch, choco­late chips 50 gm


1. Cut won­ton sheets into 4x4 inches. Place in damp cloth to pre­vent dry­ing. 2. Di­lute corn­flour with cherry syrup. Boil in saucepan with su­gar and cin­na­mon. 3. Add de­seeded cher­ries. Cook for 30 sec­onds then re­move. Add cin­na­mon pow­der and choco­late chips. Set aside to cool. 4. Place small amount of fill­ing in the cen­ter of a cut won­ton sheet. Brush edges lightly with beaten egg yolk. Fold sheets to form a tri­an­gle. 5. Push the fill­ing down lightly. Bring the two ends to­gether and join with a lit­tle egg yolk. 6. Deep fry won­ton in hot oil till light golden. Sprin­kle with ic­ing su­gar and serve.

Calo­rie count 600 per serv­ing

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