This suc­cu­lent plant has properties that soothe the di­ges­tive sys­tem. Ac­cord­ing to Nancy Sahni, di­eti­cian, PGI, “Mak­ing aloe juice is easy. Cut the leaf in half, scoop the pulp and blend it in a mixer. Leave this overnight, re­move the fi­bres that float on top and col­lect the clear juice. Add sugar and lemon juice and store it in an air­tight jar in the fridge.” Sahni rec­om­mends you take two tsp of this con­coc­tion ev­ery morn­ing with a glass of wa­ter. “It helps pre­vent and cure stom­ach ail­ments, such as acid­ity and in­di­ges­tion,” says Sahni. a cu­cum­ber with pineap­ple chunks, gar­nish with mint sprigs and serve chilled. You can also try this sim­ple Cu­cum­ber Lemon­ade by Vipul Dua, Owner, Ped­dlers— Un­der the Big Ben. Top half a glass of cu­cum­ber juice with club soda, add sugar, a dash of fresh lime and sprin­kle rock salt. Serve chilled. Where: Ped­dlers, Ho­tel Her­itage, Sec­tor 35 C; Back­pack­ers Café; SCF 16, Sec­tor 9 D, chandi­garh

Dal is the most un­der­rated health food. “It’s the per­fect sum­mer food of the sea­son as it is rich in solu-

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