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used process than or­gan trans­plan­ta­tion, says Dr Ga­ji­wala. Pro­cess­ing for gamma ster­il­i­sa­tion in­cludes check­ing if a tis­sue is free of po­ten­tially com­mu­ni­ca­ble dis­ease. Au­to­grafts— tak­ing tis­sue from one’s body— are ideal for avoid­ing in­fec­tion and for max­i­mum im­muno­log­i­cal ac­cep­tance from the body. But it is re­stricted by var­i­ous fac­tors: There is a limit to the amount of tis­sue that can be taken from one’s own body, it needs a sec­ond surgery and costs spi­ral. Bank­ing means tis­sue can be tested for grafts and bone that is nor­mally dis­carded dur­ing surgery, like femoral heads re­moved dur­ing hipreplace­ment surgery or tib­ial heads re­moved dur­ing knee- re­place­ment surgery, which can be turned into bone pow­der. “I call this the body- re­cy­cling unit,” Dr Ga­ji­wala jokes. A trans­plant co­or­di­na­tor is now manda­tory at tis­sue banks to li­aise with hos­pi­tals. This al­lows next- of- kin and pa­tients to know more about such op­tions.

Pla­centa is sep­a­rated in the pro­cess­ing room into am­nion and cho­rion. Am­nion, freeze- dried here and sold in off- the- shelf pack­ets, is rev­o­lu­tion­is­ing treat­ment of ra­di­a­tion ul­cers, bed sores, burns and treat­ment of pa­tients who are HIV pos­i­tive. The wound is moist­ened with saline and the freezedried dress­ing is ap­plied on it straight, stick­ing to and heal­ing the area in any­where be­tween eight days and six weeks. This al­lows a can­cer pa­tient to con­tinue with his or her ra­di­a­tion cy­cle un­in­ter­rupted. It costs a tenth of con­ven­tional dress­ing, and be­ing bioor­ganic, doesn’t need re­place­ment.

It is also trans­par­ent, al­low­ing a doc­tor to in­spect the heal­ing process. It forms a scab over the skin, leav­ing no scars, which al­lows for a nat­u­ral heal­ing. Den­tists, says Dr Ga­ji­wala, are the big­gest clients of her tis­sue bank’s bone re­sources. Bone pow­der is used to fill bone pock­ets and in the treat­ment of cysts. The TMH Tis­sue Bank uses only liv­ing donors. It had 2,800 donors in 2012, and per­formed 8,978 grafts of all kinds. They have used 10,000 tis­sues over the last year in the hos­pi­tal it­self, but also sup­ply to 70 hos­pi­tals around the coun­try.

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