Sawani Shah,

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At 17, Sawani Shah ( name changed) had bone can­cer that had eaten away at her en­tire right fe­mur. Doc­tors re­placed the bone with an os­teo­poric nail, 21 inches long, that ran from her knee to her hip. In 2009, when she came to meet Dr Astrid Lobo Ga­ji­wala, the head of Tata Me­mo­rial Hos­pi­tal Tis­sue Bank, her nail had bro­ken. The bank pro­vided her with a long bone al­lo­graft. In around 10 years, the al­lo­grafted long bone will dis­solve and be re­placed en­tirely by new growth of the au­to­grafted fibia. To­day, Shah is happily mar­ried with two chil­dren and is lead­ing a nor­mal, healthy life.

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