Time to Act Tough

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The des­per­a­tion of the civil­ian govern­ment of Pak­istan to es­tab­lish a peace­ful re­la­tions with In­dia and re­sume the com­pos­ite dia­logue process be­tween the two coun­tries, which was shelved af­ter 26/ 11 at­tack on Mum­bai, is jus­ti­fi­able and dis­cernible (“Kayani’s Last Of­fen­sive”, Au­gust 19). But the Pak­istan army’s wildest fear of los­ing im­por­tance has prompted it to scut­tle the ef­forts of Nawaz Sharif by es­ca­lat­ing ten­sion on the bor­der. In­dia needs to have a strong strat­egy to deal with such a volatile neigh­bour and should not even shy away from us­ing mil­i­tary force to neu­tralise Pak­istan’s ne­far­i­ous in­ten­tions. KE­SHAV PATHAK, Mandi It is in­deed shock­ing that our re­cal­ci­trant neigh­bours have re­peat­edly been taken ad­van­tage of In­dia’s soft- state im­age. It is high time In­dia made a show of its power. We should take cue from Is­rael who, in case its soldiers were mur­dered, would have first de­stroyed the en­emy’s train­ing camps and then said,“Let’s now talk peace...” V. K. TAN­GRI, via email

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