Peo­ple have be­come so sen­si­tive in In­dia that ev­ery lit­tle thing pricks them.

India Today - - THE BIG STORY - — Amitabh Bachchan

Prakash Jha, di­rec­tor of Satya­graha, and the film’s lead ac­tor Amitabh Bachchan talk about how the paucity of po­lit­i­cal films in In­dia is linked with in­creas­ing in­tol­er­ance and hy­per­sen­si­tiv­ity in the coun­try, in a can­did ses­sion mod­er­ated by Deputy Edi­tor Ku­nal Prad­han. Ex­cerpts: In­dia To­day ( IT) Why are hardly any po­lit­i­cal films made in the coun­try, at least for mass au­di­ences? Amitabh Bachchan There has al­ways been hes­i­tancy, ei­ther per­son­ally from the maker or the cen­sors, to name peo­ple or par­ties though there are doc­u­men­taries that have done it. IT Isn’t this self- in­flicted? Can’t the in­dus­try tell po­lit­i­cal par­ties they have no busi­ness cen­sor­ing con­tent? Bachchan I shouldn’t be say­ing it but I will: Peo­ple have be­come so sen­si­tive in In­dia that ev­ery lit­tle thing pricks them. They feel that be­cause it’s a sen­si­tive is­sue, they’re go­ing to get promi­nence by speak­ing about it. Some­times po­lit­i­cal par­ties bring up is­sues. They say you can’t say this or show this, and pro­duc­ers are com­pelled to com­ply for the sake of the re­lease of the film. To buy peace, to avoid time be­ing wasted, it’s some­thing we have to bear with. IT Prakash Jha, while your early films were undi­luted, why do they now con­tain Bol­ly­wood must- haves such as item songs and love sto­ries? Prakash Jha What gov­erns my sto­ry­telling is that it should be palat­able for a larger com­mer­cial au­di­ence. A


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