Who are the Mum­bai rapists? A low­down from po­lice files

India Today - - THE BIG STORY - by Gay­a­tri Jayaraman

THEY DON’T EVEN RE­MEM­BER HER FACE Not one of the Shakti Mills rapists could re­call their vic­tim’s face or clothes. Rapists use a woman as an ob­ject to ful­fil fan­tasies.

THEY WORK IN PACKS, ARE POW­ER­LESS OUT­SIDE Rapists have low self- es­teem. They need the pack to boost each other’s con­fi­dence and use sex as a col­lec­tive ex­pres­sion of re­venge. EV­ERY PACK HAS DES­IG­NATED ROLES This is es­pe­cially so if the pack has raped be­fore. There is a leader and there are fol­low­ers. On oc­ca­sion, there is a deputy. The leader gets the first pick at the vic­tim and

even­tu­ally has the last word too.

THEY FEED THEIR FAN­TASY Stress makes men sex­u­ally in­ef­fec­tive. It is the man who has the time to feed his fan­tasy who is likely to be a rapist.

THE­YARE NOT ED­U­CATED Ob­ser­va­tion of

cases reg­is­tered with the Mum­bai Po­lice in the last two years in­di­cates that a ma­jor­ity in­volved ac­cused who are un­e­d­u­cated. THE­YARE OUT­CASTES Ac­cused Vi­jay Jad­hav, for in­stance, was dis­owned by his own fam­ily for sex­ual de­prav­ity. Men like him seek strength in like- minded men. THEY HAVE NO RE­SPECT FOR WOMEN Vi­o­lence in lan­guage and crude ter­mi­nol­ogy are com­mon in their homes. Women

are ex­pected to be­have in a cer­tain way. THEIR BE­HAV­IOUR IS RE­HEARSED Ato­tal lack of fear of get­ting caught eggs rapists to re­peat the crime. To break the cy­cle, col­lect ev­i­dence, re­port the crime. Oth­er­wise it will oc­cur again.

( Source: Hi­man­shu Roy, joint com­mis­sioner of po­lice ( crime), Dr S. M. Patil, chief sur­geon, Mum­bai Po­lice, and Dr Kaminidevi Bhoir, hon­orary po­lice coun­sel­lor, Mum­bai)

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