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India Today - - SIMPLY PUNJABI - By Kavyan­jali Kaushik

Fus­ing Pun­jabi mu­sic with rock is a dar­ing amal­gam. One is up­beat, bouncy and syn­ony­mous with rhyth­mic dance, while the other is loud, burst­ing full of drums­beats and the sound­track to en­er­getic head bang­ing. But Ssameer, is cer­tain that’s where his des­tiny lies.

Q. Is Pun­jabi mu­sic a global genre? A. Pun­jabi mu­sic is loved by ev­ery­one. It has got a lot of po­ten­tial and I see it as a global genre, be it in Lon­don, US, Canada, you al­ways come across it’s fans. Q. Pun­jabi folk, rock and club mu­sic? How did you come up with this com­bi­na­tion?

A. I love Pun­jabi folk mu­sic. I love the sound of the tumbi and al­goza. As a mu­si­cian, cre­at­ing new sounds us­ing the folk base is al­ways very ex­cit­ing. It just de­pends on how I fuse th­ese two to­gether us­ing elec­tric gui­tars, tumbi, drums, al­goza and club beats. My first al­bum was ‘ Saiyyaan’ and then I re­leased my sec­ond video, a song called “Jatta”, which is the fu­sion of Pun­jabi folk with club mu­sic. For “Saiyyaan”, I fused Pun­jabi folk with rock, some­thing that had never been done be­fore in the coun­try. I, re­cently, fin­ished my third video “Soniye”, the genre that I am look­ing at is fus­ing new age mu­sic and rock, with Pun­jabi folk. Q. How did the au­di­ences re­act to this blend? A. Change is not ac­cepted eas­ily. Over a pe­riod of time, I’ve seen that peo­ple

have started ac­cept­ing my fu­sion style. It’s a new sound and they are loving it. Peo­ple know I am the face of Pun­jabi folk- rock. I am also ex­per­i­ment­ing with R’n’B and club mu­sic. Q. Do you see your­self mak­ing film mu­sic in the fu­ture?

A. I am open to all forms of mu­sic and I won’t sayno. Bol­ly­wood has al­ways sup­ported Pun­jabi artists. So why not? I had pre­vi­ously done a few done a few Bol­ly­wood films as a mu­sic pro­ducer ‘ Sarhad Paar’, 2005; ‘ Life Ki Toh Lag Gayi’, 2012).

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