Spin docs, on the rocks

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They say in Pun­jab, that a dance jockey or DJ, is al­ways booked first, then the wed­ding venue and only then be­gins the bride- hunt. While this might sound a bit ex­ag­ger­ated, the no­tion does live up to the gran­deur that Pun­jabi wed­dings are known for.

But are you hav­ing trou­bles find­ing the one who can make ev­ery­one put on their danc­ing shoes? Fret not! Here are some tips from Pun­jab’s best mu­sic mix­ers: WORD OF MOUTH Loved the DJ who per­formed at the wed­ding of Canada- waale un­cle’s daugh­ter’s de­war’s screens cre­ate the right am­bi­ence.

ASK THE DJ... If he is ready to al­ter his playlist. Most of the DJs hap­pily play the re­quests, some stub­bornly don’t. So, it’s bet­ter to con­firm at the ini­tial stage whether the per­former is not too fussy about re­quests. THE PLAYLIST MUST HAVE THIS SEA­SON On the groom’s en­try: Dulhe Ka Sehra Suhaana Lagta Hai/ Azeem O Shaan Sha­hen­shah On the bride’s en­try: Aao Hu­zoor Tumko Si­taron Mein Le Chaloon/ Tare hain barati Dur­ing the Jai Mala: Do Dil Mil Ra­hein Hain


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