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Clothes do make a man. That’s what the fa­mous Ray­mond tagline ‘The Com­plete Man’ would have us be­lieve. Their Made-To-Mea­sure line, from the Chair­man’s Col­lec­tion, nudges per­son­al­i­sa­tion to a whole new level. Each of th­ese suit lengths is es­pe­cially crafted us­ing Su­perfine 190s (merino wool) fab­ric. The suit lengths are even em­broi­dered with the cus­tomer’s ini­tials. Im­pres­sive as that may be, it is not the finest of­fer­ing from the Ray­mond sta­ble. That leg­end be­longs to the suits that are crafted from the Su­per 250 fab­ric, one of the world’s finest fab­rics made from 11.4 mi­cron wool, which is ap­prox­i­mately one-fifth the di­ame­tre of hu­man hair. The term su­per 200s con­notes the fine­ness of the fab­ric; the higher the num­ber, the finer the fab­ric. The Su­per 250s wool comes from a spe­cial breed of Aus­tralian merino sheep and the suit length alone costs about Rs 7 lakh. Once the fab­ric is se­lected, the suit is cut, de­signed and fit­ted ac­cord­ing the cus­tomer’s spec­i­fi­ca­tions on nor­mal fab­ric. When the cus­tomer ap­proves the fit, style and cut, it is fi­nally given shape in the se­lected Su­per 250 fab­ric. USP Each of th­ese suit lengths is spe­cially crafted for an in­di­vid­ual us­ing Su­perfine 190s or Su­per 250s (made from 11.4 Mi­cron wool). Price Rs 2.15 lakh per me­tre (Su­per 250s)

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