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Five pay­loads, to­talling about 15 kg, will be on board Man­galyaan

Ly­man Al­pha Pho­tome­ter Will study es­cape pro­cesses of Mars’ up­per at­mos­phere through Deu­terium/Hy­dro­gen Meth­ane Sen­sor for MARS Will de­tect pres­ence of meth­ane Mar­tian Ex­o­spheric Com­po­si­tion Ex­plorer Will study the atoms and mol­e­cules of the Mar­tian up­per at­mos­phere Mars Colour Cam­era For op­ti­cal imaging Ther­mal imaging spec­trom­e­ter Will map sur­face com­po­si­tion and min­er­al­ogy

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