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1 Pin a note on your soft board in big, bold let­ters: I WILL NOT USE FOOD AS A STRESS RE­LIEVER. IT WILL KILL ME. Dra­matic? Yes, but what the heck, that’s ex­actly what you will be do­ing if you turn to food for com­fort.

2 Keep a big bot­tle of wa­ter on your ta­ble and la­bel it as cof­fee or what­ever it is you are ad­dicted to. When the urge for a cup of sweet cof­fee arises, take a large swig from this bot­tle. If you still want cof­fee, or­der half a cup. You won’t need more as the wa­ter will have filled you up al­ready. This tip came to me from a re­formed tea ad­dict. Try it!

3 Change your eat­ing part­ners, es­pe­cially if they have un­healthy eat­ing habits. It’s a small sac­ri­fice to make to reach your goal. Eat­ing with such peo­ple will make you want to fol­low their cue. Even at par­ties you should avoid hang­ing out with peo­ple who are known to in­dulge as they will make you want to in­dulge too, with­out any guilt. You will be coaxed into think­ing that since it’s okay with them, it should be okay with you too.

4 Buf­fets are the norm at of­fice par­ties and con­fer­ences, es­pe­cially if they are held at five-star ho­tels. The dessert counter there can make the best weight­loss plans go for a toss. You might think you are be­ing sen­si­ble by skip­ping ev­ery­thing else and only in­dulging in desserts, but noth­ing is far­ther from the truth. You will only end up con­sum­ing un­wanted calo­ries with zero nu­tri­tion. Plus, con­sum­ing su­gar cre­ates more su­gar crav­ings and this will make you pile on the pounds.

5 Take short breaks to sim­ply stretch and re­lease the stiff­ness and ten­sion in your mus­cles. Make use of the small­est op­por­tu­nity for this—you could be talk­ing over the phone, work­ing on your com­puter or sim­ply wait­ing for an ap­point­ment to start. There are many ben­e­fits to stretch­ing and the re­sults are im­me­di­ate. Apart from re­leas­ing stiff­ness from tense, over­worked bod­ies, it also im­proves pos­ture and flex­i­bil­ity and en­hances mus­cle co­or­di­na­tion.

6 Keep roasted salt-free peanuts (in your drawer). Baked snacks are also a good op­tion. Keep cu­cum­ber and car­rot sticks in the of­fice re­frig­er­a­tor and dress them up with le­mon juice and salt. Low-calo­rie, high-fi­bre bis­cuits are good op­tions as are dates and figs.

7 If you com­mute by car, park it at least 15 min­utes away from your of­fice and walk to work. Head straight to the wash­room and freshen up be­fore you start work in case you are wor­ried about sweat­ing and other less im­por­tant is­sues.

8 For some peo­ple, anx­i­ety stems from want­ing to be liked or to be­long to a cer­tain set at work. In the process of be­ing seen as one of the gang, it is tough to reg­u­larly de­cline in­vi­ta­tions to eat out or at­tend a party. But this is where you ought to stay firm. Even if you ac­cept an in­vite stick to healthy food and drinks or sug­gest places where you can be sure of get­ting a healthier snack.

9 If you get a lot of phone calls in a day, use that to keep fit by walk­ing while you talk.

10 Med­i­ta­tion, yoga, breath­ing ex­er­cises and reg­u­lar ex­er­cise are what a stressed mind need, not high- calo­rie junk food!

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