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Hold each stretch for 10–15 sec­onds. Do each stretch twice. Breathe nor­mally while hold­ing the stretch.

CHEST STRETCH Clasp your arms be­hind, pull the shoul­ders back. Re­tain the clasp and lift your arms up slowly un­til you feel the stretch. Breathe in as you hold the po­si­tion, then re­lease.

BACK STRETCH Clasp your arms in front of you and curl your spine slightly. Feel the stretch down the mid­dle of your back, then re­lease.

NECK STRETCH Turn your head to the right side and then to the left.

SHOUL­DER ROLLS Ro­tate your shoul­ders for­ward a few times and then in the re­verse di­rec­tion.

ARM AND SPINE STRETCH Ex­tend both arms straight above your head, clasp your hands and stretch your spine and arms.

FIST MOVE­MENTS Roll your fists into tight balls, then re­lease. Do this five times.

FEET RO­TA­TION Ro­tate your feet five times each, clock­wise and then anti-clock­wise.

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