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woo­ing these lead­ers, hold­ing se­cret par­leys and play­ing on their dis­gruntle­ments. That more BSP lead­ers are hitch­ing their wag­ons to the BJP star is in­dica­tive of the sidelin­ing of Mayawati in the elec­toral equa­tion though she is still ex­pected to do bet­ter than the Congress, which is mak­ing a de­ter­mined bid un­der Rahul Gandhi to do bet­ter than in 2012 (when it had won just 28 seats). Next in line are 200 ral­lies for the OBC sec­tions, each cov­er­ing two assem­bly seats. Amongst the OBCs, the party is bank­ing mainly on the Mau­rya, Kurmi and Nishad castes and a small chunk of the Ya­dav vote (given the mud­sling­ing in the Mu­layam fam­ily and the fact that many voted for the BJP in the Lok Sabha polls). The party is con­fi­dent the Brah­mins will stand by it, un­like in the 2007 and 2012 assem­bly polls. In fact, Mus­lims are the only group the party is not woo­ing (so much so, it is not even putting up booth com­mit­tees in many Mus­lim ar­eas).

Along with the OBC ral­lies, the party is also plan­ning on tak­ing out four 100-day pari­var­tan ya­tras af­ter the next Dussehra, cov­er­ing 10 spots

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