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Re­cent his­tory has shown that Bei­jing has it­self had clear lim­its on how far it will go to push Pak­istani in­ter­ests. This is, af­ter all, not the 1960s or ’70s; in an in­creas­ingly mul­ti­po­lar, postCold War world, there are no blocs or per­ma­nent al­liances but shift­ing re­la­tion­ships based on self-in­ter­est.

The fact is that China’s over­rid­ing strate­gic con­cern is not In­dia. It is more pre­oc­cu­pied with the growing chal­lenge posed by the US and its part­ners on its pe­riph­ery. Bei­jing’s “big­gest fear is In­dia be­com­ing a Ja­pan or South Korea”, says one Party aca­demic can­didly, sug­gest­ing it would not be care­less enough to

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