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per cent now) is pre­dicted to bring the rul­ing party’s seats to some­where bceotl­wlae­gen­nan9d4­caunsde eight to 12 seats will clearly not be enough to form a coali­tion government with the BSP. De­spite the saf­fron surge, the poll pre­dic­tor seems to sug­gest a hung as­sem­bly and po­lit­i­ca1l in­sta­bil­ity in UP. Cut down Go for five servSWEEPiInNgsPoUf frNuJitAB Ip­noPr­tu­ion­n­jaofbf,oto­hde Congr(eb­ses­rrsieese, pme­sartso, bey ag­beo­tu­tit­n2g0spuepr port frocmher­ar­ilelss)eac­nt­dions ofc­seonct­cieat­loy,ri­ien­sclud­in­gleuap­fypev­ergceatas­bte­les Hindu vot­ers (38 per cent) and the Sched­uled Castes (34 per cent of SC Hin­dus and 35 per cent of SC Sikhs). The un­pop­u­lar­ity of the Akali Dal can be gauged from the fact that 45 per cent of those polled want the BJP to break the al­liance. The drugs prob­lem con­tin­ues to be top of mind for re­spo3n­dents, with 76 pe4r cent say­ing Sti­itc’ks tao mhealj­tohryis­sue. Get more fi­bre: oils anIdfh­tahves­neo­pro­jew­c­thi­ol­nes­gr­faoirnst,hoeat2s,017 moars­es­tehmanbtl­hyree­elec­tion­ssoy­caa, nlenbteilsc, eogngs-id- tearsep­dooth­ne­fuslsemi-fi­napll­san­fot,raltmhoenL­dos,k Sabah­day­polls schedu­fllaexd­seiends2,0e1tc9. , the writ­ing is clearly on tTh­heosweawllh:oits’se­lect ad­van­tage Naren­dr­ta­heMopot­dioi-nlethdeBy sJePe. as Fol­low the writer on the Twit­ter lesser @Aji­tar­ti­cleof two evils The sur­vey was con­ducted Trust­ing be­tween Septem­ber 5 and Oc­to­ber 5 by re­search agency Axis Con­sumeMy In­dia across five states go­ing ad­e­q­tuoat­peo­plr­losteinin 2017—Ut­tar Pradesh, Those who love to col­lab­o­rate in theP­fourn­m­jaofbe,gUgtst, arak­hand, Ma­nipu­rand cooper37,8a6t6e.and miGlk,ocah.eAes­teo, tal of iTn­hdeyiv­di­donu’at rlesally pan­weeer,rdeail,netec.rviewed fmoirndthifeth­ or lose

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