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No one can pre­dict the fu­ture, but one Facebook Pin­ter­est thing is cer­tain: there won’t be a dull in 2017. From pol­i­tics to the econ­omy

Joshin’ Joshi to the en­vi­ron­ment to global re­la­tions...

Looks like Bigg Boss fans are we are in for very in­ter­estic­nong­fus­tinig­mTV eac­stor Ro­han Mehra with co­me­dian Ro­han Joshi. Sick of be­ing Tweeted at, Joshi at first asked peo­ple to rec­tify their er­ror. When that didn’t work, Joshi de­cided to Tech­nol­ogy will play a key

em­brace his new­found fame role. In­dia needs to make

as a re­al­ity TV star, and started its armed forces tech­no­log­i­cally

ask­ing peo­ple to vote for him. ro­bust to counter any and all threats. A mod­ernised army is the best de­fen­vcier.aBl vei­d­nego­self-re­liant in weapons pro­duc­tion will also help In­dia along the road to be­com­ing a su­per­power. Twit­ter

Bat­tle Royale

A video making Don­ald Trump’s Ashish Misra’s story on

hand ges­tures look like he’s play­ing Akhilesh Ya­dav (The Cub

an ac­cor­dion made 30 mil­lion laugh Earns his Stripes) was very in­for­ma­tive. The de­tail dis­pels some of the mystery sur­round­ing the bat­tle royale be­ing played out in Ut­tar Pradesh. Much de­pends on the out­come of this fam­ily feud. Al­most evOevreyr saim­ngillieon­pwaraetc­n­htep­dr­tahyese three for­naen­wd­scraesj­to­er­ic­se­fis­gh­intinthg eab­sou­uct-their cess an­wda­grd­loror­byeosf—tohneilirveoTf­fVspring. In­deed, we do ev­ery­thing pos­si­ble to see that our chil­dren do bet­ter in life than we have. Mu­layam Singh Ya­dav seems to be the rare exception. This is an ob­vi­ous case of the ‘old man not waJan­m­tiens­gC­tordletn’gsos’p.oAofk­shoialep­soh­pera, haswiathc­qKuani­tyte Wd ehsitmlysriecls­fic­n­r­peladc-e of itabd­lyialaosguteh,ew­co­hwieed­fomveirn5is0t0e,r000 of In­dia’s most pop­u­lous

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