Does pro­hi­bi­tion re­duce crime?

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The be­lief that pro­hi­bi­tion bears a di­rect and in­verse re­la­tion­ship to crime is con­testable Bi­har banned liquor in April 2016... ...but cog­nis­able crimes went up month-on-month from 14,279 in April to 16,065 in July and 16,153 in Oc­to­ber How­ever, for Apr-Oct 2016, these crimes were down 7.6% to 112,596 com­pared with 121,817 in the same pe­riod a year ago Ker­ala banned liquor in Au­gust 2014... ...but post-ban (in 2015), it had the high­est crime rate— 723 cases (per lakh pop­u­la­tion); all-In­dia av­er­age was 234 Some pro­hi­bi­tion states have lower crime rates Gu­jarat had a crime rate of 203.6 (it banned liquor in 1960), Na­ga­land of 55.1 (1989) and Lak­shad­weep of 62.5 (1979) ...but so do non-pro­hi­bi­tion states UP’s crime rate was 112.1, Ut­tarak­hand 97.2, Sikkim 119.3, Da­man & Diu 94.1 and D&N Haveli 64.4

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