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Associated with un­com­pro­mis­ing rebels and ‘out­law’ bik­ers like the Hell’s An­gels in Amer­ica, Har­ley-David­son has courted a dif­fer­ent sort of rider here in In­dia: the doc­tor, the lawyer and the rich busi­ness­man. The im­pres­sion you get from Easy Rider or Sons of Anar­chy notwith­stand­ing, it’s ac­tu­ally not such a big leap for the iconic brand. Even in Amer­ica, the guy sport­ing a plumber’s butt, a filthy sleeve­less denim vest and a T-shirt that reads ‘The Last Biker on Earth will be rid­ing a Har­ley’ is more likely to be a den­tist than a mem­ber of a meth-deal­ing, gun­run­ning car­tel.

So far, the im­age is work­ing as well here in In­dia as it does at home. Com­mem­o­rat­ing five years of build­ing a com­mu­nity of Har­ley-David­son own­ers in this coun­try, the com­pany will be host­ing its big­gest rally ever in In­dia, later this month. The Har­ley Own­ers Group—or HOG—is the name they go by. World­wide, it forms a group of one mil­lion peo­ple, spread across 140 coun­tries. In In­dia, Har­ley-David­son has grown from strength to strength in the past five years as the com­pany gears up to host over 3,000 HOG mem­bers in Goa. The event will be a na­tional rally with mem­bers from 26 chap­ters ex­pected to at­tend the HOG In­dia Rally in In­dia’s most pop­u­lar party des­ti­na­tion.

That means that even if there are no true ‘out­laws’ in the group, there’s bound to be some form of bad be­hav­iour—of the per­fectly le­gal sort, of course.

Rid­ers in the fourth HOG In­dia Pa­rade ar­rive at the In­dia Bike Week, 2016

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