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The Nu­cleus Ac­cum­bens

con­trols the re­lease of Dopamine

The Lateral Or­bito Frontal Cor­tex

is the hub of rea­son and be­havioural con­trol. Be­comes dim

The Pi­tu­itary Gland

re­leases chem­i­cals that help in bond­ing and at­tach­ment

The Amyg­dala

shuts down, cloud­ing judge­ment. Ev­ery­thing ap­pears rose-tinted

The Ven­tral Teg­men­tal area

ac­tu­ally re­leases Dopamine

The Cere­bel­lum

con­trols in­stinc­tual be­hav­iours like greed, lust and glut­tony

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