Blonde Faith

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Dur­ing the Pun­jab polls, AAP Nor­way (ap­par­ently, it’s a thing) re­leased a video of four teenage girls ex­press­ing their sup­port. Now why the Aam Aadmi Party thinks a child­like blonde mis­pro­nounc­ing Gur­preet Ghuggi would en­cour­age peo­ple to get to the polls is any­one’s guess. Speak­ing of child­like blondes, Karolina Goswami is a waifish Pole who moved to In­dia for love. She now makes YouTube videos sup­port­ing de­mon­eti­sa­tion and ex­plain­ing why cows are holy—“If a dead piece of wood con­verted into a cross can be­come holy... cow is con­nected with Kr­ishna, just like a cross is con­nected with Je­sus.” She has a strong Slavic ac­cent, she wears saris, she sup­ports Modi. What’s not to like?

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