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Many In­di­ans are known for be­ing touchy on so­cial me­dia, quick to re­spond to any per­ceived slight. So when a dim CNN an­chor ap­peared to as­sume that the lat­est win­ner of the Amer­i­can national spell­ing bee, a win­ner of In­dian ori­gin, of course, like 17 of the last 21, was “prob­a­bly used to us­ing” San­skrit, there was a col­lec­tive howl of in­dig­na­tion. That’s racist, tweeted scores of the eas­ily of­fended. The an­chor was jok­ing, ham-fist­edly, about the San­skrit roots of the Trump coinage ‘cov­fefe’ when she made her in­co­her­ent re­marks to the 12-year-old cham­pion. Did the an­chor think the lit­tle Cal­i­for­nian girl’s par­ents speak San­skrit at home? Was she re­fer­ring to the ‘word ori­gin’ ques­tion that bee con­tes­tants ask to help them spell ob­scure words? And why do we care so much? Some­times clum­si­ness is just clum­si­ness.

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