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1903 THE ARC­TIC HOME IN THE VEDAS by Bal Gan­gad­har Ti­lak

The grand-daddy of Aryo-Vedic kook­i­ness but not an Out of In­dia in­di­genist. Claimed Vedic ‘ev­i­dence’ that the Aryan race made its way from the Arc­tic to In­dia be­tween 8000 and 3000 BC

1994 RE­TURN OF THE ARYANS by Bhag­wan S. Gid­wani

The book that launched the wish­ful Out of In­dia fan­tasy as a lit­er­ary genre. Gid­wani’s dark Aryan he­roes sally forth from In­dia to civilise the West 2016 MO­HENJO DARO Dir: Ashutosh Gowariker

The Hrithik Roshan star­rer set in 2016 BC was panned for its his­tor­i­cal in­ac­cu­ra­cies, rang­ing from a ‘fair and lovely’ cast to horses. Im­plied a con­ti­nu­ity be­tween the In­dus Val­ley and Vedic civil­i­sa­tions

1948 MURDON KA TEELA by Rangeya Raghava

Pos­si­bly the first novel set in Mo­henjo Daro; made use of the ar­chae­o­log­i­cal dis­cov­er­ies to plot so­cial dy­nam­ics in the an­cient world

2010 THE IM­MOR­TALS OF MELUHA by Amish Tri­pathi

The ap­pro­pri­a­tion of the In­dus Val­ley civil­i­sa­tion to the ‘Vedic Saraswati’ took off with this best­selling fan­tasy novel. Fea­tures Shiva as a Ti­betan mi­grant to the Harap­pan world

2017 HARAPPA: CURSE OF THE BLOOD RIVER by Vi­neet Ba­j­pai

Set in 1700 BC and 2017, the book de­picts Harappa as a city on the Saraswati’s banks, doomed by treach­ery and ‘taantric ex­or­cism’. The apoc­a­lypse has con­se­quences mil­len­nia later

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