Mon­soon Munchies

Six healthy take­away treats packed with nu­tri­ents to try this sea­son

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It’s fi­nally a whole lot cooler since the rains have set in and tem­per­a­tures have dropped. But of course, all things nice also have their fair share of trou­ble. While the mon­soon sea­son brings with it food crav­ings; wa­ter-borne dis­eases and in­fec­tions such as jaun­dice, ty­phoid, and stom­ach dis­or­ders are also part of the pack­age. The trick is to eat sen­si­bly, avoid raw foods, drink safe potable wa­ter at all times, and stay away from street food. Here are the top mon­soon treats and fu­sion foods that use a va­ri­ety of veg­eta­bles, coarse grain nuts, seeds, dried food and sweeteners to help you build im­mu­nity and stay healthy.

Sweet potato and al­mond medal­lions with ta­marind maple chut­ney

This is a great mon­soon filler and re­place­ment for high calo­rie bha­jjias if you want to keep a check on your waist­line. Sweet pota­toes are a nu­tri­tional pow­er­house. Packed with vi­ta­min A and carotenoids, these are lower in calo­ries than potato, but have a high glycemic in­dex. Be­cause of that, the glu­cose in them does not get con­verted to fat eas­ily in the body es­pe­cially if you are ac­tive. Com­bin­ing them with al­monds, an­other nu­tri­tional star packed with healthy fat, makes these golden medal­lions a go-to snack.

De­liv­ers Ap­prox­i­mately 360 calo­ries for five medal­lions, about 50 calo­ries per medal­lion

Baked ap­ple with melted nut but­ter of choice

Both the skin and flesh of ap­ple con­tain the sol­u­ble fi­bre pectin which has a calm­ing ef­fect on the stom­ach and aids diges­tion. Mix a ta­ble­spoon coarse but­ter— al­mond, peanut or cashew— with a pinch of cin­na­mon and stuff it in the core of the ap­ple bake for 15 min­utes for a de­li­cious mon­soon snack.

De­liv­ers One serv­ing is 180 calo­ries of high fi­bre snack with healthy omega fats

Brown veg­etable poha

Re­place your reg­u­lar white poha with brown poha, have it roasted and cooled. Make it healthy and nu­tri­tious by adding pur­ple cab­bage and gar­nish with toasted al­monds and co­rian­der. This vari­ant of brown poha is packed with pro­tein and is a one-dish meal.

De­liv­ers 2-3 serv­ings con­tain 135 calo­ries to 200 calo­ries

Hot veg­etable tea

If you feel the need to stay warm this sea­son, a veg­etable tea which is a thin­ner lighter ver­sion of a soup is an in­ter­est­ing way to soothe an ir­ri­tated throat. Add fresh veg­eta­bles like mush­room, cab­bage, red pump­kin or a mix of beet­root, car­rot and cel­ery, be­sides herbs like mint leaves or basil. This is a healthy low calo­rie, nu­tri­tious ac­com­pa­ni­ment to any meal.

De­liv­ers 50 calo­ries a cup

Lightly fried egg on mini oil­free khakhra with yo­ghurt

A high en­ergy pro­tein rich low calo­rie meal, it is a good re­place­ment for Eggs Bene­dict and can re­place your break­fast or can be a good post-work­out snack.

De­liv­ers 220 calo­ries

Kiwi and cherry salad with feta cheese and chilly maple dress­ing

Pure maple syrup is a rich source of min­er­als like man­ganese and is a health­ier sweet­ener to use. The salad is a nice pre or post work­out snack; take low fat feta cheese if you need to lose weight.

De­liv­ers 400 calo­ries for 2 serv­ings

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