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A favourite news story across out­lets world­wide was a science fic­tion night­mare sce­nario of two ro­bots learn­ing to speak to each other in un­in­tel­li­gi­ble code. Face­book AI re­searchers dis­cov­ered that left to their own de­vices, a pair of bots, named Bob and Alice, de­vel­oped their own short­hand to com­mu­ni­cate more ef­fi­ciently. Bob said ,“you iii ii every­thing else...”; Alice replied, “balls have 0 to me to me to me to me to me to me to me to me to”. Ap­par­ently Face­book bots have learned to mimic hu­man be­haviour so ex­pertly, they can re­pro­duce a typ­i­cal con­ver­sa­tion in a sin­gles bar at the end of a Saturday night.

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