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How we got into this mess

in deaths from heart dis­ease in the West in the 1940s, while toll from in­fec­tious diseases falls, thanks to an­tibi­otics SHARP RISE FIRST LARGE study link­ing eggs to heart dis­ease. US nutri­tion­ist An­cel Keys, con­ducts ‘Seven Coun­tries Study’. Says, fat in but­ter and eggs causes heart dis­ease. does a cover story on Keys’s the­ory in 1961 Time pho­bia sets in, with Amer­i­can Heart As­so­ci­a­tion and USDA cut­ting down on red meat, eggs and dairy 1960s CHOLES­TEROL cul­prit in heart dis­ease. The Fram­ing­ham Heart Study by US gov­ern­ment warns against foods like eggs. Data trig­gers de­bate, and in­flu­ences pol­icy CHOLES­TEROL CHIEF FOOD IN­DUS­TRY re­sponds by go­ing low fat. Loaded with ar­ti­fi­cial sweet­en­ers, pro­cessed food, high in carbs, sugar and salt, made with un­sat­u­rated oils. Dan­ger­ous trans-fats en­ter food chain strikes In­dia. Doc­tors no­tice rise among ur­ban, af­flu­ent In­di­ans; asks that they avoid high-choles­terol foods HEART DIS­EASE

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