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suf­fix ‘..ose’

Opt for whole­grain op­tions over white rice and white flour, which have sim­ple carbs that can be quickly bro­ken down into sugar in the body caus­ing a spike in blood sugar lev­els

Junk ar­ti­fi­cial sug­ars that can ex­ac­er­bate sugar crav­ings, mak­ing it tougher to mi­grate to a no­sugar diet

Never ever put sugar in sweet­ened drinks, in­clud­ing fruit juices

Stay hy­drated with unsweet­ened tea or cof­fee or plain wa­ter Fol­low a diet rich in whole and com­plete foods, such as veg­eta­bles, fruits, tofu, lean meat, fish, un­pro­cessed grains legumes and seeds

Add sweet-tast­ing herbs or spices, such as cin­na­mon, nut­meg and car­damom, to food and drink


Gut im­bal­ances of­ten lead to bloat­ing, con­sti­pa­tion, wind, slow di­ges­tion, leaky gut, poor ab­sorp­tion and lethargy. Want to mend that gut feel­ing? Read on...

Min­imise stress lev­els

Add pro­bi­otics twice daily and fer­mented veg­eta­bles and green leafy veg­gies to each meal

Give up gluten, flour and grains

Also re­fined sugar

Sip ap­ple cider vine­gar added to a litre of wa­ter through the day

Drink aloe vera in wa­ter three times a week

Limit dairy prod­ucts to one por­tion a day


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