The Faulty Switch

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Sci­en­tists are blam­ing a 'faulty fer­til­ity switch' for in­fer­til­ity and mis­car­riage. Re­searchers have found that high lev­els of a pro­tein called SGK1 can cause in­fer­til­ity, whilst women with low lev­els are more likely to suf­fer a mis­car­riage. The re­sults of the study will lead to fur­ther re­search into treat­ments to en­sure mums and mums-to-be have the right lev­els of the pro­tein in the womb. Tis­sue sam­ples were taken from 106 women by ex­perts at Im­pe­rial Col­lege Lon­don in the study, which was un­der­taken in a bid to help iden­tify which women may be at risk of ab­nor­mal­i­ties be­fore they get preg­nant.

In tests on mice, the re­search team found lev­els of SGK1 in the womb lin­ing de­clined dur­ing the pe­riod when preg­nancy could oc­cur, but when ex­tra copies of the SGK1 gene were im­planted into the womb lin­ing, the mice were un­able to be­come preg­nant. The sci­en­tists say this sug­gests a fall in SGK1 lev­els is nec­es­sary for mak­ing the womb re­cep­tive to em­bryos. Lead re­searcher Mad­huri Salk­er­told re­porters: "In the fu­ture, we might take biop­sies of the womb lin­ing to iden­tify ab­nor­mal­i­ties that might give them a higher risk of preg­nancy -com­pli­ca­tions, so that we can start treat­ing them be­fore they get preg­nant."

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