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It’s a fact that forty per­cent of in­fer­til­ity cases are caused by the male. One of many symp­toms of in­fer­til­ity is the fact that one’s part­ner has failed to bear a child in the course of one year of hav­ing reg­u­lar in­ter­course. There are var­i­ous rea­sons for in­fer­til­ity, the most com­mon be­ing low sperm count. The aver­age count is from 120 to 350 mil­lion sperm cells for ev­ery cu­bic cen­time­ter. Low sperm counts are those that are lower than 40 mil­lion for ev­ery cu­bic cm. Some­times sperm count is al­right but the sperm cells aren't healthy as in the case of those with poor motil­ity and ab­nor­mal mor­phol­ogy. Rea­sons for Male In­fer­til­ity Other rea­sons for male in­fer­til­ity are poor sperm motil­ity, dilated veins in the scro­tum, un­de­scended testes and ex­ces­sive ex­po­sure to sub­stances called xe­noe­stro­gens such as chem­i­cals with PCBs and DDT, as well as pes­ti­cides and other in­dus­trial pol­lu­tants that im­i­tate es­tro­gen ef­fects. Con­gen­i­tal ab­nor­mal­i­ties, nu­tri­tional (es­pe­cially pro­tein) de­fi­ciency and urethral con­stric­tion are other fac­tors. In­fec­tious dis­eases of the re­pro­duc­tive parts such as the stor­age tube for sperm cells, testes, sem­i­nal vesi­cles, ure­thra or prostate and en­docrine dis­eases af­fect­ing pi­tu­itary and thy­roid glands may also in­duce in­fer­til­ity.

In­creas­ing Male Fer­til­ity: 10 to 20 per­cent of the male pop­u­la­tion have low sperm counts. This is the first stum­bling block that you need to get around with, ei­ther through nat­u­ral means, and through in­fer­til­ity cen­ters, when the for­mer will not suf­fice to in­crease male fer­til­ity. Nat­u­ral means in­clude life­style over­hauls such as quit­ting smok­ing and re­duc­ing caf­feine and al­co­hol con­sump­tion. Pro­cessed food such as deli meats should also be avoided. You may also want to ditch ar­ti­fi­cial sweet­ener. Too much heat can also af­fect sperm count as heat sup­presses sperm pro­duc­tion, so you may well avoid long ses­sions in hot-tubs and saunas. Detox­ify by drink­ing a lot of wa­ter. You should also ex­er­cise reg­u­larly to main­tain weight and re­duce stress and anx­i­ety. Stress can be tolling on sperm count. How­ever, be care­ful not to overdo it be­cause over­train­ing may leave you ex­hausted and may also re­sult to loss of sex­ual drive. When you are aim­ing for con­cep­tion, ejac­u­late less reg­u­larly. Al­low sperm to ac­cu­mu­late. You should also take nat­u­ral sup­ple­ments such as zinc, vi­ta­min E and vi­ta­min C. To im­prove sperm motil­ity, amino acids such as L-argi­nine may help.

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