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De­cid­ing to con­ceive, is an in­cred­i­bly ex­cit­ing time, but it's not one that comes with­out worries. You might be ask­ing your­self 'what if we find out we're in­fer­tile?' or 'what if there are prob­lems dur­ing preg­nancy?'. Un­for­tu­nately th­ese things can hap­pen to all cou­ples, but there are many ways to safely and healthily im­prove your fer­til­ity so that con­cep­tion, preg­nancy and birth all go as smoothly as pos­si­ble. If you have not been for a fer­til­ity check up and as far as you are aware you have no prob­lems with your fer­til­ity, yet you are get­ting a bit im­pa­tient with try­ing to con­ceive then there's no harm in try­ing out some nat­u­ral reme­dies. One of the best of th­ese is royal jelly sup­ple­ments. Royal jelly doesn't get its fer­til­ity magic-po­tion sta­tus for noth­ing; it's so rich in pro­teins, vi­ta­mins, amino acids and much more that it has the ef­fect of bal­anc­ing hor­mones, in­creas­ing li­bido, keep­ing fe­male eggs healthy and even has anti-ag­ing properties. This means that for women with hor­monal im­bal­ance or those aged be­tween 35 and 45, royal jelly can help a great deal. A re­cent study car­ried out in Aus­tralia showed that daily ejac­u­la­tion ac­tu­ally in­creases the health of male sperm and hav­ing sex two or three times per week re­duces the amount of sperm dam­age by 12%. The re­search study came from the the­ory that sperm be­come dam­aged when they spend long pe­ri­ods of time in the testes where it is warm. If

If you have been try­ing to con­ceive for 12 months with no suc­cess then visit your doc­tor

there are 'fresh' sperm ejac­u­lated daily then they have bet­ter motil­ity and gen­eral stamina to fer­til­ize the fe­male egg. It should be noted, how­ever, that daily sex for long pe­ri­ods of time doesn't al­low the num­bers of sperm to build up, which is why two or three times a week is rec­om­mended.

Chang­ing diet can help a lot of men and women in­crease their chances of con­ceiv­ing. It might seem like preg­nancy is the time to do this, but while you are try­ing to con­ceive is far bet­ter as it also pre­pares the body for those vi­tal first weeks of ges­ta­tion. One that will make a lot of sense to you is meat and dairy that is not or­ganic or 'free range'. The meat and milk of an­i­mals reared this way of­ten con­tains higher lev­els of cer­tain hor­mones than their or­ganic coun­ter­parts and this can mess with your own fer­til­ity. One that you'll al­ready know about is caf­feine, yet it's an im­por­tant one that shouldn't be ig­nored; women who drink caf­feine have been proven to be more at risk of mis­car­riage. Lastly, stay away from spe­cially made foods for di­eters. Th­ese 'low-fat' foods don't have the same nu­tri­ents as other nor­mal foods. A cou­ple's level of fer­til­ity rides on a huge num­ber of dif­fer­ent fac­tors. If you have been try­ing to con­ceive for 12 months with no suc­cess then visit your doc­tor or a fer­til­ity clinic to find out how more spe­cific fer­til­ity meth­ods could help you.

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