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Men who use ac­etaminophen more than twice a week have dou­ble-the-risk of hear­ing loss. Ibupro­fen and other NSAIDs in­crease that risk by two-thirds. Reg­u­lar aspirin use in­creases the odds of hear­ing loss by a third. Ac­cord­ing to a study of 26,917 men in a study the AMJ found all painkillers to be hard on the hear­ing. Painkillers don't just kill your hear­ing; they tear apart your in­sides, in­creas­ing your risk of ul­cers, bowel prob­lems, kid­ney dis­ease, high blood pres­sure and even the heart prob­lems some of th­ese drugs claim to pre­vent. Pain is just a symp­tom, not a cause. Find the cause and fix it - pain gone!

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