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"Eat your veg­eta­bles so you grow big and strong!" is what your mom said when you were grow­ing up. Or: "Eat your spinach. It's good for you. That's why." We knew our moms were right about healthy foods – we just didn't want to lis­ten to them, be­cause soggy cooked spinach is dis­liked by kids every­where. Of course, back then you didn't know why those "healthy" nasty-tast­ing green foods were good for you. And back then, you had no idea you needed to eat nu­tri­tious foods for the sake of the health of your sperm. (In all fair­ness, though, your mom didn't know she was talk­ing about your sperm, ei­ther.)

It wasn't un­til just re­cently that re­searchers dis­cov­ered a sig­nif­i­cant link be­tween a healthy, var­ied diet and sperm qual­ity in men. And what they found was pretty much the same thing that your mom al­ways told you: eat­ing your pro­tein, veg­gies and whole grains will make you(r sperm) health­ier. The re­search shows that not only does bet­ter nu­tri­tion in­crease sperm motil­ity (the abil­ity of the sperm to move prop­erly so it can swim to the egg), it also shows up in the struc­ture of the sperm and sem­i­nal plasma. Men whose di­ets are high in Trans fats will have sperm and sem­i­nal plasma (the pro­tec­tive liq­uid that sur­rounds sperm and helps them to swim through a hos­tile en­vi­ron­ment) that are par­tially made from trans fats. In other words, mom would say: "You are what you eat." Gen­tle­men! Go forth and em­brace a healthy diet. Eat fish. Eat lean meats. Eat veg­eta­bles (of all colours, please). And eat whole grains.

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