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Starch is an im­por­tant source of en­ergy for the body that oc­curs in ce­real grains and root foods such as pota­toes and cas­sava. Starch is lib­er­ated for use dur­ing cook­ing when the starch gran­ules rup­ture be­cause of heat­ing. Starches re­quire a few hours to di­gest as com­pared to sug­ars. This is be­cause starch has to be bro­ken down into sug­ars in the stom­ach and the in­testines, whereas sug­ars are read­ily avail­able as fuel for the body but burn up quickly. Of course, di­gestible car­bo­hy­drates eaten in ex­cess of what your body needs are con­verted by the body into fat and is laid down as adi­pose tis­sue be­neath the skin and at other sites in the body

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