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T“In­fer­til­ity treat­ment in In­dia as good as any­where in the world”

he prob­lem of in­fer­til­ity is more preva­lent than imag­ined, and a grow­ing num­ber of young peo­ple in In­dia are now get­ting af­fected by var­i­ous forms of in­fer­til­ity. How­ever, amid these con­cerns, the pos­i­tive sign is that so­lu­tions and treat­ment to dif­fer­ent prob­lems for both men and women are not only avail­able in In­dia, but more and more in­di­vid­u­als are get­ting for­ward to seek help.

Is­sues re­lated to fer­til­ity and as- sisted re­pro­duc­tion tech­niques (ART) are now dis­cussed quite openly in met­ros and small cities alike. This is ev­i­dent by the grow­ing vis­i­bil­ity and ac­cep­tance of fer­til­ity clinics in even small town In­dia. The In­dian Fer­til­ity So­ci­ety (IFS) is a plat­form that pro­vides a great op­por­tu­nity to ex­perts in this field to ex­change views about new tech­niques world­wide in in­fer­til­ity re­search and treat­ment. The so­ci­ety’s eighth an­nual con­fer­ence by the name of Fertivi­sion 2012 was hosted by Va­sund­hara Hospi­tal and Fer­til­ity Re­search Cen­tre in Jodh­pur from De­cem­ber 7 to 9, 2012. The con­fer­ence com­prised six preevent work­shops on De­cem­ber 7 pro­vid­ing the ex­po­sure and in­ter­ac­tive ses­sion with na­tional and in­ter­na­tional ex­perts. About 550 del­e­gates at­tended the his­toric event that also in­cluded a live surgery work­shop held in Umaid Hospi­tal in Jodh­pur.

The is­sue of in­fer­til­ity is as crit­i­cal for men as it is for women, and new tech­niques, in­clud­ing IUI, sperm func­tion tests and tes­tic­u­lar biopsy can lead to a suc­cess­ful man­age­ment of male in­fer­til­ity. Dr. KR Sharma, Dr San­deep Karunakaran from Delhi, Dr. Ajit Vaje from Mumbai, Dr Shrikan­thra­jah from UK and Dr Am­non Botchan from Is­rael ex­plained new ad­vances in this area.

Doc­tors have for long been re­ly­ing upon ul­tra­sonog­ra­phy as a di­ag­nos­tic tool and now sono­graphic pre­dic­tion and man­age­ment of ovar­ian hy­per­stim­u­la­tion syn­drome has come up as a help­ful tool, as de­scribed by Dr Renu Mak­wana, while Dr Meenakshi Soni, Dr Igal Wol­man, Dr Ashok Khu­rana from Delhi, Dr CB Nagori and Dr. Sonal Pan­chal, both from Ahe­mad­abad, talked about the role of ul­tra­sonog­ra­phy in this area.

A first of a kind work­shop on the role of coun­selling in in­fer­til­ity man­age­ment was also held. It was dis­cussed how var­i­ous stress fac­tors are lead­ing to psy­cho­sex­ual ten­sions and in­fer­til­ity among young cou­ples, and sim­i­larly how in­abil­ity to bear child leads to stress­ful fam­ily life. Dr Jayant Me­hta from UK, Dr Sudha Prasad, Dr Madhu Bhatt from Bikaner, Dr Daniel Sei­d­man from Is­rael, Brig (Dr) RK Sharma talked about var­i­ous as­pects re­lated to role of coun­selling in in­fer­til­ity man­age­ment. While in-vitro fer­til­iza­tion (IVF) is a tried and tested tech­nique for the treat­ment of in­fer­til­ity, new ad­vances have made it safer and more re­li­able. How­ever, prob­lems dur­ing IVF and their so­lu­tions also came

up for dis­cus­sion in which Dr San­jay Mak­wana from Jodh­pur, Dr Ethi­raj Balaji from Sin­ga­pore, Dr Lars Jo­han­son from Aus­tralia, Dr. N Chi­mote and Dr Priya Bhave gave their views on re­lated sub­jects. The use­ful topic of ‘how to set up an ART pro­gram’ was the sub­ject of a work­shop in which work­ing in an IVF lab, main­tain­ing qual­ity, pre­sen­ta­tion of lab data, an­drol­ogy setup and role of team work were de­scribed as be­ing vi­tal for suc­cess­ful run­ning of an IVF lab. It was high­lighted that Jodh­pur’s Va­sund­hara Hospi­tal is the first cen­tre in Ra­jasthan to have an IVF lab with such an ad­vanced tech­nol­ogy and an em­bryoscope.

In the highly in­ter­ac­tive live surgery work­shop con­ducted in Umaid Hospi­tal for Women and Chil­dren, the fo­cus was on fer­til­ity en­hanc­ing en­doscopy surgery. The en­do­scopic surg­eries er­formed dur­ing the work­shop were tele­cast live. Dr Kuldeep Jain, Pres­i­dent IFS, Dr Prakash Trivedi from Mumbai and Dr Parul Kot­dawal from Ahe­mad­abad were the op­er­at­ing ex­perts. It was a highly suc­cess­ful and use­ful ses­sion.

The main pro­gramme was in­au­gu­rated by Dr Jagdish Prasad, Di­rec­tor Gen­eral of Health Ser­vices, Min­istry of Health and Fam­ily Wel­fare, while Dr Arvind Mathur, Prin­ci­pal and Con­troller, Dr. SN Med­i­cal Col­lege was the Guest of Hon­our. Dr Pramod Sharma mod­er­ated the pro­gram and Dr San­jay Mak­wana wel­comed the fac­ul­ties and del­e­gates. Dur­ing the pro­gramme, Dr Raj Gaur was awarded the life time achieve­ment award for her ser­vices in the med­i­cal field.

On the first day of the con­fer­ence, more than 60 lec­tures, mul­ti­ple dis­cus­sions, free pa­per pre­sen­ta­tions and var­i­ous ora­tions were held. The top­ics in­cluded in­ves­ti­ga­tion of in­fer­til­ity and fer­til­ity en­hanc­ing en­do­scopic surgery, role of hor­monal as­sess­ment in in­fer­til­ity workup, role of lapro­scopic surgery and its fu­ture in in­fer­til­ity cases. The IFS Pres­i­dent Dr Kuldeep Jain in his ad­dress dwelt upon the past and present sce­nario of ART in In­dia. IVF, he said, had grown over the years in In­dia, and now our coun­try needed many more IVF cen­ters. But they must be de­vel­oped un­der proper guide­lines and their qual­ity should be main­tained. Dr San­jay Mak­wana gave an in­sight into sur­gi­cal tech­niques of perm re­trieval in cases of male in­fer­til­ity and Dr Am­non Botch­man from Is­rael threw light upon med­i­cal man­age­ment of male in­fer­til­ity.

Hys­tero­scopic sur­geons from In­dia and abroad like Dr Jan Bos­teels from Bel­gium, Dr Meenu Agar­wal, Dr Parul Kot­dawala, Dr Atul Ku­mar and Dr Prakash Trivedi shared their ex­pe­ri­ences. There was a ses­sion on free pa­per pre­sen­ta­tion as well as renowned ex­perts like Dr Renu Mak­wana, Dr Ra­jul Tyagi, Dr Rand­hir Singh and oth­ers pre­sented var­i­ous pa­pers re­lated to field of in­fer­til­ity. On the sec­ond and last day, there

were mul­ti­ple lec­tures, pre­sen­ta­tions and panel dis­cus­sions. Dr Chantel Mathieu from Bel­gium de­scribed dif­fer­ent as­pects of poly­cys­tic ovar­ian syn­drome. Dr Michal Kuf­prminc from Is­rael ex­plained about causes of re­cur­rent IVF fail­ure and their so­lu­tions. Dr Jayant Me­hta and Dr Srikan­thra­jah from UK talked about vit­ri­fi­ca­tion of oocytes and em­bryos in as­sisted re­pro­duc­tion tech­niques, and about newer strate­gies in eval­u­a­tion of em­bryo qual­ity re­spec­tively. Dr Dheeraj Ghade eru­ditely ex­plained that so much work is go­ing on in In­dia in field of IVF but is still not recog­nised in­ter­na­tion­ally be­cause of lack of data main­te­nance and pre­sen­ta­tion. He said to be recog­nised at the in­ter­na­tional stage we need to de­velop many more in­sti­tutes which should reg­u­larly carry out re­search ac­tiv­i­ties. He also stressed upon devel­op­ment of IVF cen­tres work­ing like co­op­er­a­tive so­ci­eties where in­ves­ti­ga­tions and treat­ment for in­fer­tile cou­ples can be pro­vided on sub­sidised rates for the mem­ber hos­pi­tals. Dr Mar­cos Mes­suger from Spain de­scribed about time lapse tech­nol­ogy and IVF.

Dr She­hbaz Daruwala talked about em­bryo cul­ture in 21st cen­tury. Dr Mri­nalini Chaturvedi talked about role of stem cells, their us­age and the treat­ment modal­i­ties avail­able. Be­sides, there were lec­tures on eth­i­cal dilem­mas re­lated to ART, an­tiox­i­dant ther­apy for male in­fer­til­ity, panel dis­cus­sions on role of hor­mones in in­fer­til­ity, en­dometrio­sis and re­cur­rent im­plan­ta­tion fail­ure. Dr Geeta Khanna from Luc­know told the con­fer­ence that in­fer­til­ity treat­ment was likely to get less ex­pen­sive with the adop­tion of ‘soft IVF tech­nique.’ It was be­ing tested and could lead to a 50 per cent re­duc­tion in the ex­penses. Dr N. Chi­mote from Nag­pur re­vealed that an in­creas­ing num­ber of males was suf­fer­ing from in­fer­til­ity and cases of low sperm count were be­com­ing quite fre­quent.

There were also many free pa­per pre­sen­ta­tions. In the vale­dic­tory func­tion, while Rahul was awarded the first prize in poster pre­sen­ta­tion, Dr Monika Singh got the first prize in pa­per clin­i­cal cat­e­gory and Dr Rand­heer Singh won the first prize in em­bry­ol­ogy pa­per sec­tion. The con­fer­ence proved to be a great plat­form for ex­change of ideas, in­ter­ac­tive ses­sions and in­sights from var­i­ous na­tions, the high tech in­stru­men­ta­tions and up­da­tions. The mouth wa­ter­ing Ra­jasthani del­i­ca­cies and cul­tural feast which had tra­di­tional dance per­for­mance and a ban­quet with renowned gazal singer Jaswinder Singh made the event mem­o­rable for a long time to come.

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