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How ac­tive were you dur­ing the days of your preg­nancy? All through the mak­ing of Om Shanti Om, I had a great time. If you re­mem­ber I was present even dur­ing the mu­sic launch of the film and Shah Rukh Khan even had fetched a chair for me to sit on the dais. I was very ac­tive dur­ing my preg­nancy. In fact, in the first few months, I was very buy fin­ish­ing sev­eral por­tions of my film. I re­mem­ber I used to have morn­ing sick­ness when I was film­ing the song Dard E Disco on Shah Rukh. I used to throw up and Shah Rukh had to keep on re­mov­ing his shirt. Though the doc­tors had ad­vised me not to go out, I was all over the sets be­cause I had to com­plete the film.

Wasn't it quite risky con­sid­er­ing you were heav­ily preg­nant? Only the last month was tough for me be­cause my stom­ach had by then be­come very big. In fact I re­mem­ber I wanted to kill those peo­ple who said I looked nice dur­ing my preg­nancy be­cause I had bloated heav­ily.

How does it feel be­ing the mother of triplets? It feels fan­tas­tic be­ing the mother of triplets. You would not be­lieve it but some­times I check at night whether three ba­bies are there. In the first month af­ter my de­liv­ery, it was ac­tu­ally go­ing above our heads Ever since I de­liv­ered my three ba­bies, I am tak­ing it easy and not tak­ing up any as­sign­ment. I am not do­ing too much. I de­vote a day in a week to the shoot­ing of Nach Baliye 4. I feel that there is no point in hav­ing your ba­bies with great dif­fi­culty and then leav­ing them be­hind at home with their ayahs.

When did it sink in you that you are the mother of not one but three ba­bies? To tell you the truth, though we knew in ad­vance that I was go­ing to de­liver triplets, we were both numb for a week af­ter they were born. It did not sink in at all that they were our ba­bies. It was only af­ter the first two weeks that Shirish and I started bond­ing with our ba­bies. Now I just can­not imag­ine life with­out my ba­bies.

What have you named your three kids? I have two daugh­ters and one son. I have named my son Czar. Czar means an em­peror. I have named my two daugh­ters Diva and Anya. Diva is an Ital­ian word for prima Donna, the main singer in the opera. Anya means in­ex­haustible in San­skrit and grace­ful in Rus­sian. Diva and Czar are sim­i­lar look­ing but not iden­ti­cal. Its is said that one in two mil­lion triples are iden­ti­cal.

How easy go­ing are your ba­bies? My ba­bies are well be­haved. They cry only when they are hun­gry or when­ever they want to re­lieve them­selves, not oth­er­wise.

In what way has mother­hood changed you as a per­son? I am no longer the baby that I was any more, with the ar­rival of my three ba­bies.. Nowa­days Shirish is be­sot­ted with his daugh­ters and our con­ver­sa­tion re­volves around what the ba­bies do. Of course twice a week, Shirish and I go out for cozy lunches when the ba­bies are sleep­ing. I think the ba­bies have strength­ened our mar­riage be­cause now we both have a com­mon goal.

Was it a con­scious de­ci­sion to have kids at such a later age? Mar­ry­ing at a later age was not at all a con­scious de­ci­sion on my part. It was not a choice. The fact is that I did not find any one ear­lier be­cause I was into my ca­reer and did not want to get mar­ried for the wrong rea­sons. It is be­cause of my late mar­riage that I de­liv­ered my ba­bies also late.

What are your fu­ture plans as far as your ba­bies are con­cerned?

I think it is too early to think of the fu­ture of our ba­bies. We do not want to plan at this stage what they will do when they be­come big. I think it will be silly for Shirish or me to say that Czar will be a doc­tor or Diva will be a di­rec­tor. Let them grow up and de­cide what they want to do in life.

What do you plan to in­cul­cate in your chil­dren's up­bring­ing? What are the qual­i­ties that yoju want your kids to im­bibe when they grow up? Have you also thought about how you would be able to help them to im­bibe the same? Mine and Sa­jid's up­bring­ing as chil­dren was quite lib­eral by our par­ents. We were not forced to fol­low any re­li­gion or do any­thing that we did not want to do. We were en­cour­aged to read good books, watch good films and dis­cuss about them with each other. I should say that sense of hu­mor runs in the fam­ily. Even Shirish's sense of

“I am fam­ily as far as Shah Rukh and Gauri are con­cerned and like any con­cerned friend, both Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri kept on ad­vis­ing me on what I should do and what I should not do.”

hu­mor is cut­ting and black.

Is it true that you are plan­ning to launch Happy New Year? I am work­ing on the script of my next film Happy New Year for Shah Rukh Khan. I had ac­tu­ally shelved the idea of mak­ing this film ear­lier but now we have de­cided to re­vive it af­ter mak­ing the req­ui­site changes in the script. I won't work for seven days a week like I used to ear­lier be­fore I de­liv­ered the ba­bies.

Any tips for first time moms? I can­not phys­i­cally look af­ter my ba­bies be­cause I have three of them but I would ad­vise first time moms not to feel guilty for not be­ing able to do ev­ery­thing for their ba­bies. If they can af­ford it, they should not shy from get­ting help. I do not re­mem­ber who fed me milk when I was a child or who cleaned my di­a­per. Your baby will re­mem­ber only the qual­ity time that you spend with it. I'd ad­vise moms to en­joy the baby and not get so hy­per and stressed look­ing af­ter the baby try­ing to be the per­fect mom in the world.

What is your ad­vice to women who want to have kids when they are in their 40's? My ad­vice to women who are in their 40's and wish to have kids is to go ahead and have them be­cause I feel it is bet­ter late than never.

At any stage of your preg­nancy, were you scared be­cause you had a late preg­nancy? I have never been the one who gets scared by any­thing in life, in­clud­ing preg­nancy. I was all the time ex­cited and happy to be a mother, that too of not one or two but three kids.

You shot for Om Shanti Om even when you were heav­ily preg­nant. Was it a good idea to go against your doc­tor's ad­vise es­pe­cially keep­ing in mind your age and the fact that you were car­ry­ing more than one kid? I was ac­tive with­out be­ing stupid. I had a firm to fin­ish. In fact be­ing ac­tive even at that stage of preg­nancy ac­tu­ally helped me, be­cause I could avoid not only body bloat­ing but also feet swelling be­cause I was on my toes.

Did you re­ceive any par­ent­ing ideas from Shah Rukh Khan or Gauri? Of course I am fam­ily as far as Shah Rukh and Gauri are con­cerned and like any con­cerned friend, both Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri kept on ad­vis­ing me on what I should do and what I should not do, es­pe­cially since they were more ex­pe­ri­enced as par­ents.

Has your per­spec­tive of life changed af­ter be­com­ing a par­ent? I have been the same Farah Khan, whether I am a par­ent or not, be­cause the qual­i­ties that Sa­jid and I have im­bibed from our par­ents con­tinue to guide us through our lives. It is just that af­ter de­liv­er­ing three kids, I have be­come slightly more ma­ture but ba­si­cally at heart I con­tinue to be the same old Farah as far as my friends and col­leaguies are con­cerned, though I may be the mother of triplets.

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